Domestic, abuses and suicides

Parvez Moula Bakhsh

Family is the best way of life for everyone and actually, Everyone needs it as like for taking birth we need a mother including father, for reaching at the age of 16, we need family members especially mother as well as for living someone must be there to guide and take care of you when you are immature. So, we have to take all the troubles of our family on our shoulders and we should not do what can bring immense of misunderstandings and cause domestic violence in the families. Unfortunately, nowadays domestic problems are very famous and increasing day by day. It starts from violence and goes to suicides. Really, domestic violence and abuses are the vernulable reason of suicide. Also, immense other problems take places in the family due to domestic violence and abuses.

It has also become an addiction for the family members to make violence at their homes. The people who give rises to domestic violence, and have an abusive behavior want to control on their partners. Not only couples are the victims of it but also other family members are involved maybe sisters, brothers, mom and dad. Initially, Domestic problems are very small and forgivable these include fighting for containers, putting more or less salt in the foods, putting more or less sugar in the tea, lingering the works, not washing the clothes, and many more. But no one can imagine that these the smallest mistakes can lead to a huge number of troubles and misunderstanding in any family and it is happening undoubtedly. Because no family member is interested to figure out it.

So, the problems increase instead of being decreased. Hurtedly, We talk like lions but act like rats. Why do we do such drastic works with our own family? I feel so sad when i see animals in the place of human beings. Has anyone ever thought about why is this happening in a family who are to love each other not to decry and threat each other? Instead of solving the problems, we are increasing the problems. Domestic violence, and abusive behaviors of the family members are the fact which leads to suicide attempts in a family; It breaks the relationship as well as no one can feel comfortable in the families where such actions can happen. Reportedly, many couples have given divorses to each others, some of the people have left their homes, some people are fed up from their families, and many people are trying to get out of the places where their family lives due to the high number of problems in their families. Instead of letting the misunderstanding get our, they theirselves get out from their loved ones. Why? It seems that now the anger and narcissism have murdered the love which is the soul of everyone as well as love has declared the purpose of life by God and Islam. It is said that love has no destination but now the anger has left the love behind.

According to the reports, thousands of married and single females and thousands of male both married and single have committed suicide in the past few years due to domestic violence, and abuses against a person. Too many people run from their families. What is the most reasonable thing? And why do people need to run from their families and commit suicide? Did anybody think about it? If no then read this article; The family itself is responsible for it because of not avoiding domestic violences, living Conferrably and adopting abusive behaviors. Unfortunately, it is still neglected and such cases always take place in the homes where the family members don’t bother to bear a mosquito like bite.

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