Qudratullah Baloch

According to researchers, during the last 10 years, around 10 million children have been killed for in the cause of wars. Deaths of these children shaping the dark picture of humanity, the courtesy.This barbaric regularity, above doubts, does not bother to those master minds behind the carnage but definitely executes millions of innocents. Respectively, the situation of these deadly wars have come in the frame- work of armed conflicts. It is affecting primarily children because of their vulnerabilities and do so many miscellaneous controversies for making them alone and hapless. During armed conflicts, it often seems that most children get separated from their parents because major powers attack on schools,hospitals and homes for the aimed tools. Due to these attacks, many children loss their beloved parents for so. A large number children become helpless and orphan which leaves no way to survive further but to only rely on sited forces by joining them for the cause of another mode of life. This is obvious that neither they get enough food nor comfortable place for sleeping from those powerful groups. The world is not unknown of the war zones like; Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone,Sri Lanka,Afghanistan and Burma. A child soldier is defined as any person who is less than eighteen years old and is a member of armed conflict government forces of a regular or irregular armed group or associated with these forces. Unfortunately, these young boys do not feel themselves in danger because they had seen terrible deaths of their parents when RUF forces have frequently attacked them. Rehabilitation of child soldiers is a difficult process because these children have been brutalized and have carried out killings. These adults are being used for own advantages just paying them three times food and clothes. Even forces do not let these boys go their home back in soothing conditions and some of them are killed by the forces without such reasons.According to the(UNICEF) 13.5 million children had been thrown their lives in jeopardy due to brutalization and barbarism. Many of them of are deprived from education because schools have been destroyed by the armed conflicts. My message is for not only the individual groups but to the entire world.


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