Muslim bloodbath in India

Maemuna Sadaf;

India is a Hindu dominating society. The so-called Secular State proved itself as a jail for minorities especially Muslims. Indian governments have also played a discriminatory role against minorities. On 12th March 2020, New York (NY) times reported that India has seen its worst sectarian bloodshed in recent years. This massacre is an inevitable result of Hindu extremism, flourished under Bahrtia Janta Party BJP Government. BJP government is following the RSS agenda of eradicating Muslims from India. BJP has embraced a militant brand of Hindu nationality and the leaders are openly vilified Indian Muslims. Yogi Adityanath Hindu, a priest and BJP Member Parliament (2007 & 2009) said: “If one Hindu is killed, we won’t go to the police, we will kill ten Muslims”. The statement depicts the Hindu Extremists’ mentality and policy. Besides, Indian Occupied Kashmir, where Massive killings of the Muslim community are continued for 72 years, all over India discriminatory acts, is continued. Under Modi’s regime, article 370 of the Indian constitution has been revoked and the Kashmir Valley is locked down since August 2019. Necessary ways of communication including the entrance of Human Rights watch observers are prohibited. Even in the pandemic of the corona, a curfew is imposed in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Internet services are disrupted across the valley. India has a distinguished history of continued Hindu Muslim riots within the country. Soon after Independence, in 1947 Hindu Muslim riots erupted in Indian Punjab. These riots resulted in the deaths of one million people mainly Muslims. These riots continue erupting in different parts of the country. Jabalpur riots in 1960, accompanied by a series of riots in the eastern part of the country. Institutional Riots system remained active since the emergence of India on the world map. Meerut suffered from endemic Hindu Muslim riots in 1961. In 1964, 100 killed, 38 injured whereas 70000 were displaced as a result of Kolkata Riots. Gujrat Riots continued for twenty years, starting from 1969 to 1989. These riots affected more than 2000 people, 630 died, 1074 injured and 48000 people were misplaced. Bhagalpur violence involved massacre, arson, looting and killings of 1000 people reported in Muslims in Indian Cities by Laurent Gayer and Christopher Jafferlot. A series of Hindu Muslim riots in 1990 resulted in 400 deaths. It was proven that these riots were preplanned and supported by the government (a journal of contemporary Aisa: Vol 42) Mr. Modi is well known for his role as the Muslim massacre in Gujrat 2000. Hindu extremists under the Narendra Modi regime have started preplanned violence against Muslims in Gujarat. In Gujarat Riots 790 Muslims died, 2500 left injured and 223 missing (A micro-sociology of violence Berenschot ward 11th June 2014). Chief Minister Narendra Modi was found involved and supporting this violence. He was called “Butcher of Gujrat” in the main newspapers of India. The NY Times editorial reported named “Mr. Modi perilous embrace of Hindu Extremists (2017). It was also reported that Hindus are planning to reprimand the religious minorities who stand in their way to make India a Hindu State. Recently, after approval of the discriminatory Citizen Amendment Act (CAA), Muslims, along with other Indians have started protests against CAA in Delhi. In these protests, two-third of people who died were Muslims. Human rights activists called this an organized massacre. It is also proved that Indian law enforcement machinery has been politicized including Judges. Indian Supreme Court made a string of ruling in government’s favor. Arum Mishra, a judge publically praised Mr. Modi, as a visionary genius. A state-sanctioned campaign has been launched to teach Muslim leaders a lesson. Hindu lynch mobs killed Muslims with impunity. Home Ministry led by Amit Shah has come under heavy criticism for policy failure and taking good care of Hindu Extremists.Concluding more, no law in India can protect minorities against Hindu Extremists. For 72 years religious minorities faced massacre and displacement. Rather than concluding on facts and figures, Indian media continues blaming Pakistan for unrest in the country. To protect religious minorities residing in India, the International community should pressurize India to bring to an end these Human Rights violations. After the eruption of coronavirus, India is facing double challenges. One is extremism while other is death pouncing upon community through novel coronavirus. International intervention is needed to control both Human Rights Violations and pandemic.

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