Sameera Khan

Once there lived a loving and caring family consisting of four members including two brothers and parent. The family beloged to a rich family as the father was an engineer who fulfilled the whole wishes of his children.

There was no any paucity of each and every useful thing. They were living their lives  happily. Moreover, one in a particular night the gloomy night took an immense place on the loving family as the backbone of the family the father became heart attacked and passed away. The complete chapter of happiness turned into sadness. Hopelessness and helplessness made them miserable.

After passing away, the father’s all friends overlooked helping his family in the time of difficulty. It is truely said that,” Everyone’s real face will be appeared in the time of trouble”. On the other hand, the loyal servents who were working for a long period in that family left them by their own hands. To feed her children the mother gradually sold each and every thing and finally the mother had choosen a new and appropriate occupation which was none other then sewing clothes. Sewing clothes and accumulating amounts of money by it became a new source for her children in order that they must be going to school and carring on their journey of education what they left. The mother did entire efforts to send her children to school and feed them three time food. Furthermore, the days passed into weeks ,weeks into months,  months into year and the chipter of sorrow turned into happiness because the both brother had gotton the engineering seats. Their mother wanted to see her both sons groom. Moreover, the mother married her both sons.

Unfortunately, both sister in laws dislike the innocent mother and both wives did entire efforts to eradicate the love of mother in their husbands’ hearts. To insult or make humiliated the mother became a daily activity of the wives who provokes and incite their husbands against the mother.After some days,the mother became sick. Despite admitting her to a hospital,the both wives pushed her in kitchen to live. They always critisized the mother that due to her sickness must not increase.On the other hand, her sickness became deeper and she became victim of severe illness and ultimately, the both brother took her to a civil hospital where proper facilities were not available left their mother with poor and bad condition. The both brother had never visited in that hospital again .The miserable mother with poor condition send plenty of messages through doctor for her sons in order that they must visit her and she must see them,but the brutal brothers overlooked each and everything which was given by their mother. The mother importuned the doctor to call her sons,but no any good result came.However, one day the mother passed away lying one the bed of civil hospital and she was not died due to sickness she was gave up the ghost due to expectation which she was holding and expexting that her children would visit,but they did not. Mother passed away and left a message to her both sons”,Whatever one does with someone today the passage of time history will repeat it itself”


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