Evolution in Globalized Life Patterns

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By Mahwish Bakht,



The trends of life before Covid-19 were totally changed and based upon the
individualistic approach. As people were busy in their professional commitments. Some
were struggling hard and working whole day on a construction site to earn their daily
wage. While others were enjoying the cool environment of offices, attending their
meetings and making money. Students were going in routine to their schools, colleges
and universities, meeting their friends and teachers, submitting assignments and
passing assessments. At the end of each day of their semester, cafes were echoing
with the enchanting voices of young students with these lines “Salam Chacha (general
name called by male and female students to café waiters with respect) bring plate of
pakoras (a traditional style of snacks in South Asian countries) and french fries with
doodh pati (a traditional style of sweet tea prepared with the addition of cardamom and
cream famous in subcontinent region for its fragrance and taste) for us”. Roads were
busy with public transport (buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, and pickup carriages),
schools/colleges/university transports, private transport, cycles and trucks having loud
horns and musical systems, trains were whistling on each station and airplanes were
travelling within and across the borders consistently. Local and branded markets were
opened and shops were heavily filled with the variety of products and goods according
to the demands of customers. Textile, bags, shoe and other accessories brands were
publishing and launching new volumes and articles with attractive offers and sales via
social and local media. Women were struggling hard for shopping and fighting withother female customers to get the same article from these offers. Weddings, birth of
new born and arrival of pilgrims were celebrated in homes and parties. Similarly,
funerals were also attended by a large number of people, offering prayers and consoling
the families for the loss of their loved one. On religious side, mosques, shrines,
jamatkhana (a holy worship place for Ismaili sect), Imam-bargah (a holy worship place
for Shia sect), mandirs, churches and Gurudwarah were performing their religious
rituals on local and national level along with their preachers and followers.
States were striving for building their relations with other states and promote
people to people connectivity through tourist industry. Tourist sites were opened and
created simultaneously by the governments to attract and introduce the local and
international tourists about their culture, natural beauty and provision of available
facilities. In the meanwhile, investing in the tourist industry with the aforementioned
vision would further help in its prosperity, support the small scale industry and raise the
lifestyle of natives, simultaneously, open the corridor of foreign revenue for its own
country. In the meanwhile, international and local news network were broadcasting all
types of news round the world comprised of economy, trade and educational activities,
international and national politics, technology, political and military alliances, inter and
intra-regional conflict and peace development process, diplomatic ties, sports,
film/drama industry, wild life, environmental, security and health issues, laws and
policies, humanitarian and social crisis and many more. Hence, the design of life is
entirely based upon the hustle and bustle, and race for progress. The meaning of life in
this manner has set its new definition for the human population in the contemporary era.
The individual living in this age has considered and accepted life in a more mechanical
and robotic manner.
But it is the limitation of the thought process of mankind about life. With the
massive achievements almost in all sectors through technology, humans have
considered them as the milestone and way forward towards its final destination of
evolution. These developments have convinced him to a larger extent that the present
human is unbeatable, highly skilled and powerful against any crisis and uncertain
situations. Nature always proves his wrong several times through different ways and

gives him a wakeup call when nature changes its mood. The miscalculations done by
humans about the nature by his heavy consumptions of its renewable and non-
renewable natural resources, shelling bombs, building concrete buildings, massive
urbanization and industrialization, deforestation, blindly indulged in the contest of
proliferation of armaments, disturbing ecosystem, irrepressible air, land and sea traffic
would never bring impacts on the nature. As all these measures ensured its tremendous
victory and empowered the authority and control on earth and other planets. But how is
it possible when a man is extracting all benefits at the cost of bringing imbalance in
nature and not receiving any effect in return? The response of nature comes later and
stays prolong until it recovers. It is solely the humans who are not learning lessons from
history and persistently following their old patterns towards nature for their interests.
When depletion achieved a certain level in the design of nature, then it hit back severely
to mankind in terms of disasters, terrible calamity, volcanic reactions, wildfires, tsunami,
earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes, heavy rains, terrific storms, famines and plagues.
The Covid-19 is also and once again the drastic consequence of mankind’s
interference in the system of nature. With its outbreak, the entire global system stopped.
All sorts of activities and activism in the human population and material world become
paralyzed. Roads and streets are empty, markets are closed, hospitals and paramedical
staff are working hard to save innocent lives, government officials are confused,
scientists are unsuccessful in making vaccines against CoronaVirus in the presence of
advanced scientific equipment, techniques and discovery of various generations in
medicines. The wave of terror has prevailed severely in the minds of common masses.
The government decision of lockdown and launching of awareness campaigns to
convince their nationals to adapt preventive measures. The children and senior citizens
are declared as the most vulnerable and easy target of the Novel virus by international
health organizations. As a result of prevalent uncertain conditions, the society has
shown its response in terms of frustration, sense of helplessness and resistance in the
acceptance of pandemic existence and following of the government instructions. During
these hard phases of illness, a ray of hope for life is still present.

Several indigenous languages, cultures, norms and practices are doused with
globalization. With the rapid increase in the developments and scientific inventions, the
family system is deteriorating rapidly in the world. While disrupting the global activities,
corona virus has introduced a new way of living in the challenging situation on
individual, national and international level. With the practice of social distancing and
work from home, now the family members in one home are easily available for meeting
and listening to each other in a more frequent manner. With this sense of national
isolation and global solidarity, in the Asian society especially the Indo-Pak Muslim family
system on domestic and international level has find another opportunity for its revival as
the growing number of Muslim old houses was getting alarming before the outbreak of
dreadful virus. It has reduced the sense of detachment between elderly people and the
rest of the family members. It has also protected the society from the deleterious
consequences of fragmentation on family system, moral and ethnic values with the
emergence of certain popular cultures. Moreover, people staying all the time at home
has magnificent impacts on building good close relations among family members. As
they are learning, educating and utilizing each other's skills and capabilities in resolving
various basic/professional/study/job related problems by interacting and introducing
different existent apps/techniques. I have also observed a spark, a courage and sense
of unity among common masses during this highly crucial phase of their life where they
are adopting all precautionary measures directed by higher authorities and international
health organizations, limited their free movement and physical interactions inside and
outside homes, praying to God for His help and mercy at home when all spiritual and
holy places are closed, performing basic household tasks, taking care of their health for
building immunity, competing collectively for day to day socio-economic challenges,
hearing news about death trolls, infected cases and feeling low for the affected families.
I have seen people smiling and trying to make others smile in order to motivate
them to spend critical time period with courage and hope. The colorful kites fly in the
sky, the freely flocking doves, sparrows and pigeons in the air, glimpses of joy on
youngster’s faces, wearing masks and gloves…. reciting holy verses on tasbih ( a string
of small prayer beads to keep the track of counting tasbihat/short sentences for the
praise of God) grandparents, old aged aunts and uncles sharing their ideas about the

Novel virus, its prevention, appreciating the efforts of volunteers, doctors, other medical
staff, armed forces and law enforcement agencies either sitting on distance or
connected to their relatives via social media. They are also involved in the exchange of
encouraging ideas to fight against epidemics. They are looking happily towards their
young generations, telling them to maintain cleanliness and social distance within and
outside their vicinity. People are involved in maintaining their group dynamics. They are
contacting each other about their basic needs/health and safety conditions through
calls/texts messages during the hours of curfew. Some have taken initiative based on
the spirit of self-help for collecting funds to help the needy families and organizations
that work for needy people. Young educated students are working voluntarily for
providing door to door service in different areas. Local masses have also changed their
patterns of meeting with others like they are waving and greeting each other from top
floors, roofs and balconies. The clear blue sky, shiny sunlight, pollutant free fresh
breeze, soothing environment, absence of vehicle horns and smoke shows the survival
of life vigorously in a natural and vivacious style.

(The author is currently serving as a Lecturer in Department of International Relations & Peace
and Conflict Studies (IR-PCS), National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad,
Pakistan ([email protected]))

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