Dispute over land triggers clash between tribes in KPK’s tribal districts


Sher Zada,

KHAR,(Parliament Times): The residents of Nawagai hometown of former governor Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Engineer Shaukat-Ullah Khan and Safi tribesmen are in open confrontation against one another. The land ownership dispute is not a new one; the land ownership has remained a clash provoking issue between tribes of the two adjacent tribal districts. The Khan of Nawagai along several tribal clans claim that the valley bounded land exceeds up to Darwazgai (currently falls inside Mohmand district) is the territory of district Bajaur, that was given to the Afghan migrant tribe Safi by Safdar Khan the then Khan of Nawagai court, district Bajaur. But the Safi tribe is supported Haleemzi and Khwezi tribes claim that the land belongs to them.
The recent clash has risen over Cadet College Mamad Gat; According to sources the government has approved RS 3 billion land price is considered the major reason for the skirmish. Not only the general public is bunkering against each other on both sides, but senators and parliamentarians from both tribal districts leading the violent movement for land ownership. District administrations on both sides seem to be inactive in maintaining law and order situations that may cause serious insecurity amid the Corona virus pandemic. The land ownership issue has taken a political shape and leaders from different political parties are staging their political agendas from both sides. Hence the government has banned all type of social gathering and stressed on social distancing to contain the virus, but here in tribal districts of
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa despite government’s instructions no precautionary measures are being maintained by the officials nor by the general masses, that could lead an increase of Corona patients .The KP provincial government should interfere in the matter on immediate basis to avoid disruption in law and order in both the tribal districts.