RCCI ask Government to open business centers for restricted time

Rawalpindi:     (Parliament Times)    The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) has asked the government, especially the district administration, to issue standard operating procedures (SOPs) with regard to opening of business centers in a limited and restricted timeframe.

RCCI President Saboor Malik in a statement said that the Lockdown is due until April 14th, prompting the district administration to consult with the business community and the Chamber of Commerce regarding SOPs.

He suggested that district Government must ensure all protective measures being disseminate to all business centers prior opening the lock down. The guidelines must be observed strictly and awareness drive will also be continued for everyone for wearing masks, sprays and social distances.

He said that RCCI welcomes Punjab government notification to open industries. He expressed hope that the notification for partial or complete opening of business centers and key institutions will be issued soon.

We know that this is a difficult period; we also have to cope with this disease and also have to run a business with limited and safe procedures and adopting preventive measures so that businesses can go on. At the same time, an awareness campaign must be undertaken so that people take strict precautions.

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