TJP chief demands severe punishment to sugar mafia


Rawalpindi  ( Parliament Times ) Mohammad Abdullah Hameed Gul Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawan Pakistan (TJP), while expressing artificial crisis of sugar and wheat last year, said that a government whose manifesto was to root out corruption from the country would be so severe corruption within a year of this government. There is a question mark on the performance of the government. He said that the Prime Minister’s allies, ministers and cadres made billions of rupees by creating artificial crisis of sugar and wheat in the inflation mill. The publicity of the report is not enough. The people involved in the report have been clearly identified. The government should withdraw all the wealth from the mafia and deposit it in the Corona Fund for the welfare of the people. And when will the dough mafia culprits be punished? Theft is stolen whether it is a rupee or a crore. Investigative reports have made it clear that big thieves, robbers and profiteers are sitting in the Prime Minister’s cabinet. Dealing with all these hard-handed hands has become a test case for the Prime Minister. The time has come for the poor people to make a mark of those who rob the money earned from sweat.