India seems to be in hurry to implement its agenda in occupied Kashmir: KVI

LONDON: While expressing serious concern over the recent domicile order issued by the government of India for J & K state Kashmir Voice International (KVI) has said that the criteria laid down in the domicile order poses a serious threat to the employment opportunities for the local population as well as demography of the state.

In a statement issued here on Monday the KVI said, “The domicile law remains the same while just the scope of employment has been enhanced for the people including those earning the domicile under this order. Locals and those who earn domicile or who already could be entitled to earn this status based on the criteria laid down in law shall have equal opportunities and entitlement to employment in the state leading to a situation in which people from outside the state could take away substantial share in job market and reduce the same for original state subjects”.

The KVI regrettably noted that the anti-Kashmir law was tantamount to rubbing salt on the wounds of Kashmiris who have rendered massive sacrifices to protect their national identity and to achieve their right to self-determination. “This law will snatch and deprive Kashmiris of the last privileges and rights”, the KVi statement said adding that all this was done in an autocratic manner without consulting even the so-called mainstream leaders.

“It appears government of India is in hurry to implement its agenda in Kashmir. It is most unfortunate that such an important order was issued at a time when the country and the whole world is battling for survival and under the strict lockdown to stop the spread of Coronavirus”, the statement added.

“The domicile order based on its criteria is likely to reduce the employment opportunities for local Kashmiris. Their share in administration is already shrunk. All the top jobs in the civil secretariat, police and judiciary are manned by nonlocals even most of the district administration heads are non-Kashmiris”, the statement further said adding that these placements have marginalised local Muslim officers and have affected their participation in the decision making.

The statement further said, “All the decisions taken by Delhi government since August last year are intended to integrate the state fully with the union and bury the political issue, but the fact is that the status of the issue continues to be undiluted. These orders although disturbing have strengthened the feeling of being under occupation.

Kashmir’s right of self-determination has been recognized and accepted much before Article 370 came into being. The scrapping of this article may have yielded satisfaction to some people but has not altered the status of Kashmir issue which continues to attract international attention. Unless the issue is addressed and an acceptable solution explored there cannot be lasting peace in the region”.

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