Letter to the Editor,

Aaqib Shaheen Mir;                                                 
    Praise to be Allah
You know that all nations of the world.. Muslims and non. Muslims have now started fight to smoking, because they came to know that it is very harmful. According to Quran and Hadith(The saying of Prophet Muhammad may Allah exalt his mention ) all intoxicants are haraam. Allah says Don’t kill yourself [Al-Nisa.v.29]
Smoking kills.. It is even written on every cigarette pack and we all know it. Then how we still argue that smoking is not haraam. According to WHO there are more than a million people who die only because of smoking. We know that facts about smoking. All tobacco products, cigarettes, Souelka, Shisha, cigar contains over 4000 chemicals and 70 of these are known to be carcinogenic(causing cancer).
My dear friends tobacco contains Nicotine. . a substance that also causes addiction just like cocaine and heroine. One drop of pure liquid nicotine can kill a person.
Smoking is a major cause of preventable deaths and diseases. E.g smoking causes Cancer, Cardiovascular disease and 87% of all lung cancer studies has shown that for every cigarette smoked.. the smoker loses 7 minutes of his/her life time.More than one million people world wide die because of smoking. Passive or second hand Smoking kills around 56 thousands people every year. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and fetal abnormalities. As per reports 27% – 7% of smokers wish they could quit. Point to be noted, If you did not start Smoking as a teen , most probably you will never smoke . If you do Smoke the best thing you can do is quit Smoking .A few months ago i attended a conference in Qatar where a German Doctor had said some tips to quit smoking .

1- Pick a day to stop Smoking.
2- Keep reminding your Self why you want to quit.
3- Throw away your Cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays.
4- Drink water or suck on ice instead of Smoking .
5- Chew sugarless gum or eat a piece of fruit instead of Smoking .
6- Get moving whenever you have the urge to Smoke , take a walk , soothe urge will pass.

Make a plan to stay of cigarettes , At first avoid places that make you want to Smoke and ask you family and friends not to Smoke around you. When some one offers you Cigarette Say, no thanks you , I do not Smoke . You will Soon see yourself as a non- Smoker.

Be kind to yourself, If you Smoke a Cigarette do not give up. Remind yourself the reason you want to quit Try Again.
(Note:- The Nicotine in Cigarettes is addictive quitting. Smoking is not easy If you can not quit the first time , keep trying.)
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