Who is the real global leader, the US or China?


Abdul Basit,

Public Statements by President Donald Trump, whether in government office addresses or early morning tweets, have largely spread uncertainty. As well public and private sectors of United States are also totally failed to produce and distribute the tools necessary for testing of coronavirus. Internationally the outbreak of coronavirus exposed how unprepared Washington is to lead a global response. The status of the US as a worldwide leader over the past seven decades has been built not just on wealth and power but also on domestic governance, provision of goods all over the world and willingness to worldwide coordinate in response to crises. Taking advantage of American mistakes, China is moving quickly and adeptly to filling the vacuum to position itself as the global leader in pandemic response. This vacuum is created due to missteps and mistakes of United States in response to outbreak of Coronavirus. China is working to provide the material assistance to the other countries. China covers up this outbreak of virus with great measurements and policies. Now this virus is affecting the much of world. According to my fore sight, now this is the time where china is going to change the world order as going to declaring itself as the leading power of the world. You must hear that Donald Trump has called the Chinese president to provide help to control the current outbreak of Coronavirus. It shows that what’s going to be happening in world politics. China has controlled the epidemic from every aspect but world but the world including United States is getting badly beaten by this virus right now. On the other hand most of governments or states are following the Chinese steps and solutions to protect their citizens and economy so we can say that trend is changed now. Several countries calling this virus as the “Chinese Propaganda” to control the leadership of world by destroying United States’ economy because china already prepared itself to control over the outbreak of virus as can be seen now. It has also been said that the deaths reported in china is nothing but only wisely planned drama to silent the world. According to the accusers the basis of these given statements is matched with the warning of Dr. Li who already declared this virus. But he was arrested by the police so that he could be silenced forever. But if we look at the other side of coin Chinese officials accuse the U.S. military of spreading the Coronavirus and contend that this virus is prepared in the laboratories of pentagon. In last i would like to say that in current era of time there is a cold war started between United States and China and according to john Lyly:

“All is fair in love and war”