Oil and Gas companies in Dadu district urged to help the needy


Ahmed Ali Khushik

DADU. The locked down inhabitants living below 72% poverty line in desert area of Kachho, Kheer Thar Ranges and different small and big towns at western part of Dadu district demanded from the five multinational companies exploring the oil and gas to start the relief packages/ration.

Locked down people have not received the ration, essential food items by the oil and gas multinational companies exploring at five different parts of Dadu and Jamshoro district along with Kheer Thar Ranges and Kachho belt in Sindh province.

The Inhabitants said that due to outbreak of Corona Virus, after announcement of locked down of Sindh government, they are restricted at homes and they are passing starvation lives.

The five oil and gas multinational companies have not started the relief packages/ration among Local inhabitants in the areas of exploring of oil and gas.


While, the District administration Dadu and Jamshoro till yet not distributed the ration among poor families from the announced fund 20 million rupees for each district released by Sindh government.

The locked down people of Wahi Pandhi launched a drive through delivering and posting the messages on face book, widely commented and discussed against polish oil and gas company exploring the gas and oil at eight different places of Karo Koat of Kheer Thar ranges mountains for not helping the poor families and not distributing the ration.

Arbab Rustamani led the drive on face book message widely discussed, said that Wahi Pandhi town of Kachho belt comes under operation areas of polish oil and gas company and it exploring the 49 million cubic feet gas (tight gas having best quality in country) per day from eight wells located at various places in Karo Koat of Kheer Thar Ranges in taluka Johi, but still people are waiting for ration from the company.

He said that Tando Rahim Khan, Sawro, Chhnii and Johi towns and its adjoining areas located at Kachho belt at western belt of Dadu district, in locked down situation and they have not received the ration by the polish oil and gas company and district administration.

Speaking with this reporter on mobile cell, Comrade Basar u Ddin Rustamani resident of Wahi Pandhi said that that local communities/ people are living above of 72% poverty line in this belt of Kachho desert and Kheer Thar Ranges Mountains but they are locked down due to corona Virus out break since last eight days and they are living as starvation lives as their movement was restricted. He said that this polish oil and gas company was earning billion dollors daily from its production but its work on CSR practices-Community social responsibility was zero in area.

While, people of Johi launched a drive through social media like posting the messages on twitter against OPPL-Orent Petrolium Pakistan Limited for not starting the distribution of ration among communities in Johi town and its surrounding areas.

A renowned social activist, resident of Johi town Pir Bux Babar in his twitter message/ post said that OPPl-Orinted Petrolium Pakistan limited has main camp located at zamazama gas field near Chhandan town of taluka Johi and this company exploring oil and gas at different places in taluka Johi and Dadu. He said that this company is exploring the 22 million cubic feet gas per day from its 9 wells in taluka Johi and Dadu.

He said that completely people of Johi were locked down and the people of Johi and dadu towns were neglected by OPPl officials and they had not started the relief distribution in its catchment area despite of earning billion rupees daily from its production.

Like wise, Mohammad Ali Birohi a resident of Fareedabad tauka Mehar in his twitter message complained that UEP-United Energy Pakistan exploring the oil and gas in the Fareedabad along with border of Qambar-Shahdad Kot and Dadu district, it has not initiated the relief work.

He complained that the families are living in hunger due to locked down in Fareedabad town and aits adjoin areas located between border of Dadu and Qambar-Shahdad Kot district.

Speaking with this reporter on mobile cell Azam Kandhro resident of Mehar has become more viral on face book, he complained UEP-United Energycompany was exploring huge gas in area and it was earning millions rupees on daily base but situation was that it was hunger situation of the families in Mehar, Radhan, Fareedabad, Mado, Gozo, Radhan, Thrari Mohabbat, Nau Goth towns of Dadu district and these towns are completely locked down but still UEP has not started the relief.

VESRION OF DC DADU, While DC dadu, Raja Shahzaman Khuhro in his version speaking with this reporter on mobile cell said that I have written officially letters to the multinational companies of oil and gas working in Dadu district to contribute in this difficult time for community in shape of distribution of ration bags and essential food communities.

He said that it was locked down in all towns hence, he had written to all multinational companies of oil and gas exploring oil and gas to contribute 300 ration bags of each company on urgent base to district administration for the help of poor families. He said that yet no one has cooperated with district administration. He 200 bags of ration were provided by polish oil and gas company but it needs more bags of ration from area of polish as well as.

While, Khan Mohammad Rind resident of taluka Sehwan through what sup groups continued its drive against ENI oil and Gas Company for not helping the local communities.

Speaking with this correspondent, he complained that ENI Pakistan also exploring the oil and gas in Bhit Jabal near Jhangara-Bajara towns it has also has not started the supply of ration to the community. He said that if the ration would not be supplied to the locked down people, the majority of people will commit suicide due to hunger.

Speaking with this reporter on mobile cell Mustafa Mallah resident of Manchhar lake complained that the local people of Manchhar lake also were neglected from PPL –Pakistan Petroleum Limited company as it was worst time for people of areas as they were restricted and they are facing shortages of food.

Speaking with this scribe on mobile cell, Shahnawaz Khan complained that UEP working at Manjhand areas but still this company has not started the ration among the locked down people of Manjhand, Sann, Lakha, Khanoth, Budhapur , Kotri and Jamshoro towns .

DC Jamshoro, captain rtd Fareed u Ddin Mustafa speaking with this correspondent on mobile cell said that he has asked/requested to companies exploring oil and gas from district to help the local communities and provide them ration according to their capacity but still they are waiting for their help and ration.