“Without Victory, there is no Survival”


Muhammad Ijaz

[email protected]

Since January till today, the world is facing a serious epidemic and a complete or partial lockdown in most countries of the world.

Due to this viral disease, industries are closed, movement of human beings is  confined, roads are sealed, wheels are  stopped and cities are locked in the name of precautionary measures. The most chanted slogan across the world is echoing that is "stay at home and safe yourself and others as well". While at the platform of international politics there are coming whispers of blame game regarding Bio-attack between China and the USA. Both countries have allegations of using Biological Weapons against one another. Who is responsible for this attack? For this humans have to wait. Maybe in the near or far future, it would be clear but at this time the major concern of all governments is to save their society from this non-traditional security threat. The war of words started from the " Zero Hedge& quot ;, and after that Tom, Cotton strengthened this debate and now it is obvious from the heads and highest portfolio holders of China and the USA.

In response to this, Chinese social media and later on a retired Chinese General warned about this Bio-attack in these wordings that " a new type of biological warfare is coming". So, the whispers that started from two words the "Wuhan Virus" stretched now to full-fledged state's narratives. Both countries can't exempt themselves from the allegation of this bio- warfare due to the presence of labs of Pathogens in China and the USA, and also they are preparing Biological weapons of war. The race of Biological weapons originally started since the period of WWII when a rumor broke out that Germans are ready to attack with Biological weapons. For that attack, the USA prepared herself and also started to produce biological weapons in 1943 at Friedrick. Later on, in 1969, this program became the victim of the campaign of an American well-known Biologist Mathew Meselson at Harvard who was against the production and usage of Biological weapons. Finally, the USA Government was compelled to own an international treaty called the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) regarding the
production and use of pathogens, due to the efforts of Mathew Meselson. While on the other hand, the Chinese step in this Biological War Race since 1954 when Premier Zhou Enlai established the Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS) for biodefense and Biological Weapons. Since 1951, until the nuclear announcement China owned the strategy of Biological Warfare as a strategic deterrence. Therefore China became part of the BWC two years later after the announcement of nuclear deterrence.
Despite this BWC, the trust deficit regarding biological warfare remained high between China and the USA. Finally, in 2020 this trust deficit is going to engulf hundreds of thousands of people and trillions of dollars are going to waste for stopping this viral warfare. But one thing that will not stop is this blame game of biological warfare that who is responsible for this death toll and economic loss which happened due to this epidemic. Now the question is what will be next one after this? This is very interesting because after this epidemic another world order will be ready for international politics. American interest will seriously be hit due to the opposite bloc in the form of Eurasia, where Russia, France, Germany, Italy, and China are going to play an important role, and secondly the  regional politics within the Asian States where Iran, Iraq, and Syria after the murder of General Soleimani along with the support of China and Russia will counter the American interest. While Middle Eastern politics also will not be smooth for the interest of the USA under the umbrella of MBS due to Saudi-Russian Oil politics. American oil interests are already at a loss because American Oil companies are down economically due to the current KSA and Russian oil trade war.
It is very clear that like the year of 1945 which led short century politics, 1988 which leads to unipolar politics, and 2001 which leads to another world order for unipolar politics and where the sovereignty of states was in danger in the form of "war on terror". Now 2020 is also a year where the chain of this continuity of world politics will lead to a new world order about which hints were already given in the form of Catastrophic Terrorism by American politics of torts and terrorism where WMD will be used. Is this not a part of it? Yes, it is but one thing which is missing to get attached with it is radical Islam because so far no clue and no whispers about it is echoing. Since the start of this Corona epidemic till today, world politics is suffering hugely and vastly in the form of the industrial sector, tourism, civil-aviation, oil-industry that connects us to almost all other sectors related to these fields. 2020 is the turning year with the perspective of international politics for the coming two decades at least. But one thing which is not going to change in the coming days after the end of the epidemic is the blame game between China and the USA. For this, we have to wait for some time and time will tell us about the truth and no doubt truth is very bitter regarding the international dirty politics. Third world societies always suffered due to this dirty world politics because no one is capable among third world societies to understand the formula of Churchill that is & quot;without victory, there is no survival & quot;.