TJP chief demands release of ailing prisoners

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Rawalpindi:     (Parliament Times)    Muhammad Abdullah Hameed Gul Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan and Kashmir (TJP) has said that under the prevailing conditions prisoners lodged in different jails were at the highest risk of corona virus.

In a statement issued here on Thursday Gul pointed out that prisons in Pakistan have a capacity of about 45,000 prisoners. “To the contrary more than 77,000 prisoners are kept there, which makes the lives of these prisoners very dangerous because of the Covid-19”, he said adding that about 2000 prisoners were suffering with TB, AIDS and other diseases whereas there are about 45,000 prisoners who have not yet been sentenced by any court. “So let the government release people suffering from TB, AIDS and other deadly diseases”. Gul demanded.

Referring to the jail staff, he said that since the jail staff is mostly serving within the jail, they need to be provided with protective Kits. He also welcomed the decision regarding the detainees of Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, Attar Manullah, which he said would save the lives of many prisoners from the disease.

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