Overseas Pakistanis play vital role in highlighting Kashmir Issue: YPP

Islamabad:     (Parliament Times)   President Youth Parliament of Pakistan Mr. Ubaid Qureshi said, when the world is
overwhelmingly concerned about containing the COVID-19, Kashmiris are yet facing the brutal Indian
curfew. Kashmiris are not just ill-treated by the Indian government but are deprived of their basic
rights. Apart from the obdurate violation of basic human rights the Indian government has isolated
Kashmiris from the International community. Pakistan has highlighted India’s violence, brutality and
cruelty in Kashmir and its stubbornness on the Kashmir issue on every platform. But India always
tries to distract the attention of International community over the matter. Pakistani government and
people are firmly standing with the people of Kashmir who are still fighting against the brute force.
Chairman PRCS and Youth Parliament of Pakistan Mr. Abrar ul Haq added: Resolution of Kashmir
issue is one of the main objectives of foreign policy of Pakistan. Strong support of masses to any
policy of government plays a crucial role. People of Pakistan are struggling hard to support and
endorse government’s stance over Kashmir issue through different platforms. Youth Parliament of
Pakistan is one of the platforms which gave voice to the resentment of Kashmiris and support the
narrative of Pakistani government over the issue. We through the platform of Youth Parliament have
organized different seminars and dialogues session aimed to highlight the Kashmir issue. He further
added, while we are struggling hard we should not forget role of overseas Pakistanis here. I think
efforts of overseas Pakistanis for Kashmir must be acquiesce and acknowledged by the Government
of Pakistan. The way they highlighted the Kashmir issue at International level is worth encouraging. I
want to appreciate the role of All Party Parliamentary Kashmir group (APPKG) in British Parliament
who highlighted the Kashmir issue with great responsibility at international level. He said, Raja
Najabat Hussain, Chairman JKSDMI, devoted his life with the struggle of 40 years for Kashmir at
International Forum. He extended his gratitude and paid the tribute to all Pakistani and Kashmiri’s
overseas for their tireless and unforgettable contributions for Kashmir cause. Recent visit of APPKG
in British Parliament led by Ms. Debbie Abrahmn and organized by Raja Najabat with the support of
foreign office will strengthen the Pakistani Narrative and support Kashmir Issue. He requested
Government of Pakistan to acknowledge the contributions of overseas Kashmiri’s.
President YPP – Ubaid Qureshi said; debate of Kashmir on Human Right is expected on 26 March, we
are hopeful that, APPKG in British Parliament will present true image of Pakistan regarding Kashmir
as they recently visited and interacted with Peoples of Kashmir and Pakistan. He said, President of
Azad Jammu Kashmir, Sardar Masood Ahmed Khan is enthusiastically highlighting the Kashmir issue
at every platform since four years and he is effectively supporting the Kashmir Policy with the great
responsibility. He is actively participating in the public conferences, seminars, dialogues and
Interactions to present Pakistan’s narrative and Kashmir issue.
Chairman and President said; this basic motto of Youth Parliament is to provide unconditional
support and strength to the government policies, we will engage youth at national level and brief
them about our Kashmir Policy so that Youth could also contribute to the Kashmir cause, as there
role at National and International level is crucial.

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