5839 people died throughout the world due to corona virus

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Islamabad:     The deadly corona virus attack continues throughout the world, 5 thousand 839 people died due to corona virus.
According to foreign news agency the number of people affected by corona virus in the world reaches to 1 Lakh 56 thousand 738, whereas 75 thousand 935 people got cured.
10 more people died in China due to corona virus, after that the number of deaths reaches to 3 thousand 199, whereas 66 thousand 911 people got cured.3 more people died in America due to corona virus after that the total number of deaths reaches to 60, whereas 34 more people are found to be affected.
3 more people died in South Korea due to corona virus, after that the number of deaths reaches to 75. 1 thousand 441 died in Italy due to corona virus and the number of deaths in Iran reached to 611. Corona virus affected 152 countries till now.
After the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife the corona virus tests of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s wife Maria Begona Gomez also came positive.
In Spain third level emergency has been declared which will be for 15 days. The parliamentary election in Syria has been postponed, that had to be held in next month.
The government of Libya officially declared emergency, their air and sea ports will soon be closed permanently.

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