Kashmiri rights activist Amjad Yousaf calls for swift UNHRC notice of Indian intransigence in bleeding IOJK


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR, (Parliament Times):     Veteran Kashmiri human rights and peace activist Sardar Amjad Yousaf has expressed grave concern over the situation in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir where eight millions People were under siege for last seven months and the population living across the LOC suffering increased indiscriminate and intensified unprovoked firing by the Indian troops since 5th of August, 2019, the bleak day in the history of internationally-acknowledged disputed Jammu Kashmir State.

He was addressing ongoing 43rd session of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva late Saturday under the statement under Agenda item 3(GD) on behalf of World Muslim Congress, says an official message released to the media here Sunday evening.

Amjad, Executive Director of Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR), a Kashmiri NGO, said “I being a resident of the Line of control, and being a human rights activist working with the UN mechanisms for last three decades is disappointed to the highest level, sometimes think weather the Kashmiris are sons and daughters of a lesser God.

“The international concerns and the statement made by the UN secretary general, the High Commissioner for human rights, US senators and congress men, British MPs, the prestigious institutions like European Parliament and international organizations like Amnesty international could not impact the Right wing Modi Government promoting the manifesto of Hindutva, has made the lives of Kashmiris miserable to the extent that the population at large has lost all hops in the global institutions and the states”, the Kashmiri rights activist.

He underlined that since World Muslim Congress believed in the right to self-determination as an inalienable right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir that could neither be suppressed by the triggered occupying Indian forces nor by the ignorance of the international community, it was enjoined upon the freedom, human rights and peace-loving nations and world forums including this august forum to take immediate notice by the continual Indian intransigence in the bleeding vale of Kashmir, now the World’s largest prison on the planet India has turned for over past seven months.

Sardar Amjad Yousaf warned that frequent cease fire violations on the Line of control in disputed Jammu Kashmir state killing of innocent civilians across the LOC and the statements depicting traditional aggressive posture of the Indian political and military elite could trigger a war between the two nuclear states resulting threat to the international peace and security, he concluded.