Donald Trump’s Buttering Trip to India; Diplomatic Pros and Cons for India and Pakistan

By; Sher Zada

Within the perspectives of business and marketing words buttering and boasting are not bad ideas, but running international affairs and leading one of the superpower country is not seemed art of intelligence, the world witnessed such a scene recently at the occasion of visit of U.S president to India ,where he was received by the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. It was not look like a meeting protocol between two politically elected premier personalities but was looked like a meeting of two marketers that do hunt for opportunities how to sale out their products. When the Indian Prime Minister Modi welcomed Donald Trump in an India way by lashing “Namastee” the Motera cricket stadium Ahmedabad was cheer out with slogans and whistles blown by the spectacles. Modi was smiling all the way toward Trump and did not let a moment spare to please the guest,not only he enjoyed the honor of hospitality but also persuaded the crowed to chant along with him . When the American president took charge of the dice he also unleashed the bouncers of praise for Narendra Modi and convinced him several times for handshake and kept him calling with his notorious nick name “Chae Wala” a tea seller. Not only this he trespassed Modi by reminding him his last visit that he did to the United States and was given the same opportunity to speak up in a giant football stadium of Texas. The bamboos of praises yet ended here, Donald Trump tried to bring in peoples’ notice the presence of his wife Melania Trump and addressed her to get audience attention on her. Besides this Trump lauded Indian lunar exploration program “The Chandrayaan programme” and showed his good wishes for its success. But it was quite interesting that Donald Trump a person that has expertise in the field of wrestling and making huge money pondered his wine of praises over Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohle the Indian cricket’s legends, it seems that U.S president has assigned one of his advisors to collect data of cricket that is quite unfamiliar game to most of Americans. Though the recent trip was projected as big trade deals between the two countries especially in the sectors of medical and diary industries and some precious metals like aluminum and steel tariffs was the part of visit agendas. But instead of signing mega trade agreements Trump India’s business Yatra was directed to entertainment and stage drama like situations. Where he kept on singing song of Narendra Modi’s production and bridged praises for Modi’s personality, Indian beauty and history. It was seemed that was having a family tour to India instead of a state visit, because Trump was found hung in praising India and was least focused on American interests compared to the visits of his predecessors to India. For example Barak Hussain Obama visit of 2015 to India during the tenure of existing prime minister of India Narender Modi, was aimed to strengthen bilateral ties, which was extended to reach on agreements of arms trade, nuclear energy cooperation. Although the arms agreement and nuclear cooperation was criticized in the United States and Pakistan also showed its concerns. Trump who is famous for his business minded slangy language was visiting Modi led India that was far different than the India of 2015. This time India is flooded with hatred religious extremism, more unsecular and more intolerant than previous times. The present Modi who welcomed Donald Trump with hypocritical smile on his face was snatching democratic rights from Indian born citizens by revising National Registration Certificate(NRC) ,especially the Muslims minority , who are on streets for more than a month challenging this alleged constitution amendments. Trump who is habitually lived with default to consider Islam as radical religion and terms it “radical Islam” fired the same statement that he passes everywhere when he gets a chance to microphone and comes before the camera. It was more twisting However it would be quite astonishing was talking about peace in the region, the Indian capital Delhi was busted with attacks of extremists of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh( RSS) on Muslim minority. I would be quite shocking for Narendra Modi that Trump talked on the disputed issue of Kashmir and offered mediation of his country for possible solution of the dispute. He revealed that his country will continue his cooperation with Pakistan for maintain peace in Asia. It is crystal like clear that no intruders could run their own and prolong their existence in Asia without going in cooperation with Pakistan, Whether U.S, USSR or the PRC. The buttering that was exchanged by both the iconic personalities couldn’t work as it was expected by the hosting party as well that was planned by investing businessman.

The writer is   Islamabad based Journalist and Working Staff Member at Daily Parliament Times

Can be reached at [email protected]

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