Islamabad:    (Parliament Times)   Senior vice president Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar on Friday denounced in strong terms the massacre of Muslims in Delhi terming it as the worst kind of state sponsored terrorism.

In a press statement the DFP leader said that Modi led fascist regime has broken all records of terrorism, barbarism, deceit and deception by letting loose its armed goons to mount murderous attacks on hapless Muslims in Delhi. “On one hand mob-lynching, killing and maiming of Muslims continued unabated while on the other the police and BJP leaders were seen raising nationalist slogans encouraging crowds to chant “shoot the traitors”.

Referring to recent upsurge in hate crimes against Muslims in India Saghar said that ethnic cleansing of Muslims was a part of a sinister design aimed at wiping out minorities from Indian land. “This ever growing fascist mindset intrinsic to RSS ideology has now virtually over taken India”, he said adding that this is the same mindset that was the main cause behind the deadly riots in Gujarat where thousands of Muslims including men, women and children were burned alive when Modi was chief minister of the state. Modi a man with massacre on his hands, he said, was now repeating the history by stoking anti-Muslim riots in Delhi.

Urging international community to take effective cognizance of the situation he said that it was high time that the Muslim world should come out of hiding and use its political and diplomatic clout to stop the relentless bloodshed of the Muslims who were being ruthlessly killed by blood-thirsty goons having a tacit support of the Modi government


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