Kashmir Council EU will organize a protest on the arrival of Narandra Modi at Brussels


Rasheed Ahmed

BRUSSELS, (Parliament Times) :13 March 2020 is the day when Hitler of South Asia Narendra Modi will visit The  European Union in Brussels. Modi is responsible for thousands of death in Indian occupied Kashmir and rest of India. His Hindutwa philosophy similar to that of NAZI Fascism. He imposed 200 days of curfew in Indian held Kashmir preventing people to do their daily affairs, access to Hospital, work, schools. He converted Indian Held Kashmir into Massive prison, Internet haven been shut for 7 months. We believe he must be bard in Europe. We will be protesting his arrival in the European council on 13 March 2020 at 11: AM. On the Schumann Roundabout. Kashmir Council appeal to all human loving people to participate in this protest and register your concerns and show the international community that Modi Arrival in Europe not accepted.