Pakistani people will never leave Kashmiris alone: Altaf Bhat


Sohial Anjum Malik

Karachi, (Parliament Times) : Renowned Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader and President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat has said that, As a representative of Kashmiris, I am satisfied with the work that is being done for Kashmir in Karachi, The people of Pakistan have not forgotten the sacrifices of Kashmiris nor left them alone in Kashmir Freedom Movement. He was addressing at Karachi Arts Council after a stage show titled “The Half Widow”, organized by Human Rights Council of Pakistan. On the occasion, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani, Human Rights Council Chairman Jamshed Khan, Senior Leader of PTI Karachi Salim Butt, Columnist Bashir Sadozai, Naib Ameer Jamaat Islami Azad Kashmir Raja Jahangir Khan, Senior Journalist Aqeel Ahmed Tareen, Sardar Azim, Shabbir Sheikh, Shaukat Kashmiri and Hundreds of people participated. President JKSM Bhat said that, The shouting story presented here is the story of every house in Kashmir. There is no house in India where no martyrdom has been carried out by Indian forces. More than 10,000 women have been tortured. More than 5 lakh Kashmiris have been martyred. how much more we should sacrifice? Kashmir is not a dispute but it is hate of Kashmiris for India and love for Pakistan, and this is the reason Indian is oppressing and suppressing Kashmiris.  Pakistan, our lawyer, who has worked for Kashmir, stands with us but does not seem to have any energy or practical work from here, the voice of powerful Pakistan should reach Srinagar. Addressing the occasion President Tehreek e Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani said that, India is afraid of Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora working for Kashmir cause at international fronts. The world is now recognizing the Kashmir issue as a FlashPoint.

Kayani while telling about the possibility of War between the two arch-rivals said that, We have reminded the world that if the Kashmir dispute is not resolved following the aspirations of Kashmiris, war between the two countries will be inevitable. It is high time, international organizations and Untied Nations intervene to stop genocide and persecution of Muslims in India and Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Columnist and Director Karachi Arts Council Bashir Sadozai said that, Kashmir dispute Kashmir has been tarnished by taking it as a bilateral issue. Let the Kashmiris decide about their own fate. We have fought for the alliance with Pakistan till date. Pakistan should trust us and take up the matter for Right to Self determination for Kashmiris. PTI Karachi’s senior leader Saleem Butt said that the Kashmir problem is close to solution. We just need the right direction. The sacrifices of Kashmiris are not hidden, they are plenty and the world recognizes them now.India can no longer suppress this movement.