Media, The Mirror


Media – print or electronic – is a mirror portraying the genuine picture
of the events and incidences taking place in the world. Media has dual
responsibility of depicting the right scenario in the right perspective and then
bear the brunt of the incumbent de’facto. There are two kinds of governance
patterns in under developed countries, one de’facto and the other de'jure. In
ninety percent democratic countries one seemingly appears to be the
authoritative personality and the hub of all powers but in reality the picture is
otherwise, he is a puppet and the unseen clique of persons hold his strings
back or ahead, and they are the real actors. Portraying the true profile annoy
both the de’fecto and the de’jure sovereigns because they want to put the
masses in sheer oblivion of the facts. It is their obsession and professed
belief that the general masses have no right of access to the ground realities.
It is the responsibility of the media – electronic or print – to portray the
real scene and bring forth the reality to smash the spell of illusion or
ambiguity. Since the creation of Pakistan political figures made the poor
masses see dreams of prosperity, employment, rule of law, peacefulness and
so on. Masses are still under the assumption that the dreams made them to
see may get realization and true incarnation. The politicians were so shrewd
and practical that the dreams saw realization, but those of their own off-
springs, and the people remained standing in long queue to await their turn
but their turn would never come because the fourth generation of the leaders
have propped up to hold the reins of the ship, steering towards their own
destination. The fourth generation of the leaders will somehow manage the
people to believe that they are the saviors and this time the sinking boat of
the masses will get anchorage to the destination of amelioration. The masses
of the country are so spell bound by the leaders that they have become
accustomed to remain mere in dreams, not to see the true realization of their

sweet dreams. The charm of being in diverse and colourful dreams is more
enchanting than the realization.
The media has developed so realistic as to smash the illusion and the
charm of dreams. The spell – bound masses have got impetus by the media
to get themselves out of the illusion of mere slogans chanted to make them
somniferous for long. To adopt the profession of journalism is not so easy as
it seems. Prominent journalists have undergone innumerable sacrifices and
agonies – physical and mental – but remained devoted, dedicated and sincere
to the profession to make it purified, respectable trustworthy, illuminating and
above all prestigious, and reliable. To rake up the true aspect of issue and
portray it in its real perspective is a cumbersome and tough job. Those who
want that the mysteries must remain shrouded in ambiguity, get furious when
the attempt to make reality to the fore, is made. The powerful Mafia first
endeavor to trap the journalist and buy his compulsions and financial traits.
To avoid and dismantle the alluring net is too hard to crack. If the devoted
dedicated, patriotic and sincere journalist exhibits reluctance to swallow the
bait then his physical existence is put at risk and made to disappear from the
curtains of screen and eventually from the world. Threats to life are
axiomatic and ever haunted to make the life drifting towards constant panic.
There is the other aspect of journalism to put undue unwarranted curbs on
media men and entangle them in false, baseless and vexatious cases, so long
as to make the most of one’s life spent in the lengthy process of exoneration
from false charges, the trappers know fully that so long as the impeccability
and immaculacy is proved, years might have gone past.
It is noteworthy that the incumbent governments wanted a controlled
media highlighting their deeds and acts as most charismatic to entail a
sudden and overhauling change in the life of the general masses. They want
that their high deeds be brought forth and unduly praised and brought to
limelight as acts illuminating the life of general masses. They dislike the other
and real profile of the issue. Their desire is to clandestinely conceal the
reactions of the people and to hold it back to oblivion. How a patriotic

devoted, dedicated and honest journalist can even think to hide the real
profile. To hide the real picture connotes sheer dishonesty and utter defiance
of the responsibilities being saddled by the law of nature. Law of nature and
equitable and balanced behavior is to be followed at all costs because undue,
unjust and unwarranted proclivity is sufficient testimony to the fact of being
one’s dishonest and incorrigible. Every profession has some inherent
requirements, rules and norms to be followed and a journalist is bound by law
of honesty to follow these undeclared norms of justice even at the cost of his
Since a long time the “Lafafa” Journalism has replaced the honesty,
dedication and devotion to the duty and whole scenario is disturbed by the
sneak entry of some disgruntled elements in the esteemed profession of
journalism and it is hard for the honest journalists to avert concocted black
paint and maligning attitude of those who in sheer failure to conceal their
nefarious motives initiate a campaign to slam and slander the media men and
put curbs on journalism. Dereliction from the incumbent responsibility and
duty is an unforgivable crime and the person guilty of dereliction is a nuisance
in society.

(Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

(the writer is a freelance columnist and independent analyst based in Lahore)

E-mail: [email protected]