Conference on ‘Pure and Applied Mathematics’ concludes at SU


SARGODHA: The final day of 5th International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics ended on Tuesday at Sargodha University with research articles, presentations, speeches, in which knowledge was shared and research project findings were revealed.

Two-day conference organized by the Department of Mathematics, Sargodha University highlighted the role of mathematics in thinking logically.

The main theme of the conference was peace education and the subthemes were educating tolerance and respect, acquiring sustainable development, community services, rendering and acknowledging and exploring peace context in different perspectives.

The conference provided a venue to academics, researchers, professionals and practitioners to share and discuss research findings, experiences, and practical issues with international eminent mathematicians. It also introduced Pakistani culture and society to the foreign delegates.

In the two-day conference, 16 international mathematicians from the countries, including USA, China, Morocco, Croatia, Turkey, South Africa, Romania, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates, read out the research papers and shared their ideas and research to disperse greater acquaintance of the latest trends in the field of mathematics.

Dr Dumitru Baleanu from Institute of Space Science, Romania talked about ‘Fractional Calculus Models in Biology’. He discussed the urgent problems within the fractional calculus modeling in biology. He also presented several illustrative examples from fractional computational biology.

Dr Thabet Abdeljawad from Prince Sultan University, KSA presented his research on ‘Lyapunov type inequalities for local fractional proportional derivatives and comparisons with nonlocal Case’. He investigated lyapunov type of inequalities for nonlocal fractional proportional derivatives generated by local fractional proportional derivatives with constant reference.

Dr Abdon Atangana from University of Free State, South Africa shared his thoughts on ‘Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Fractional groundwater Flow in Unconfined Aquifer’. He said that groundwater flow model with fading memory component was considered in his research for different differential operators. He depicted numerical simulations for different values of fractional orders.

Dr SedaIgret Araz from Siirt University, Turkey discussed new numerical methods based on newton polynomial for ordinary differential equations with integer and non-integer order. He presented numerical solutions of equations obtained solved via Atangana-Seda numerical scheme based on newton polynomial known more accurate than lagrange polynomial.

Dr Liliana Guran from Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, Romania, Dr Ahmet Ocak Akdemir from Agri Ibrahim Cecen University, and Dr Muhammad Abbas, chairman of the Mathematics Department, also spoke.

The conference concluded with many sessions on various tracks of Pure and Applied mathematics in which young researchers presented their research work supervised by senior professors and researchers.