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Wani urges president Trump to raise Kashmir during his visit to India

ISLAMABAD, (Parliament Times) :  Senior vice chairman Jammu and Kashmir National Front has urged the US president Donald Trump to raise the issue of Kashmir with the government of India to ensure fundamental freedoms to the people of the Indian occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the JKNF leader said, “Being worst victims of the long-drawn conflict, the people of Jammu and Kashmir hope that during his maiden trip to India the US president would honor his commitment of mediating Kashmir dispute, which has now assumed dangerous proportions due to unrelenting siege and communication blockade by India”.

Given the alarming situation in the region, Wani, said that it was high time that the US president should realize the hard-fact that solution of Kashmir dispute was mandatory for peace and stability among two nuclear powers. Reiterating his call for a just and peaceful settlement of the dispute he said, “The unresolved Kashmir dispute has been a constant irritant for India-Pakistan relations threatening not only the peace and stability of both the nuclear armed neighbors but also turning the entire South Asian region into a tinderbox ready to ignite at the slightest provocation”.

Referring to rising tensions between India and Pakistan he said, “The clouds of war would continue to hover over the subcontinent unless the root-cause, the Kashmir conflict, is resolved in its historical perspective”, he said adding that the recent upsurge in tensions between the two nuclear neighbors speak volumes about the volatility the long pending dispute that continues to bedevil bilateral relations between the two countries.

Stressing the need for addressing the causes of unrest and the Kashmiri aspirations the JKNF leader said, “Instead of making Kashmir as a scapegoat to strengthen trade ties the US should play its role to help resolve the dispute in line with the historic UN resolution that was unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council. Reminding president Trump of his moral obligations towards the implementing of the resolution on Kashmir Wani said, “It was under the direction of President Harry Truman, the then president of the United States that the US ambassador to the UN, ambassador Huston wrote this resolution”, he said adding that It is the United States of America that became the co-sponsor of the historic resolution that gave legitimacy to Kashmir issue. He said that as per the international covenants Kashmiris have every right to fight for the right to self-determination guaranteed to them by the International community.

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