Expected peace agreement between Taliban and US will lead to lasting peace and prosperity in the region; Naveed Khan Pashtun


Brussels: (Rasheed Ahmed)   Naveed Khan Chairman of Pashtun Organization Europe, said in a statement
on peace and prosperity in the region that Pakistan has been seeking a peaceful and cordial relationship
with its neighbors. Along with the neighborly relationship, the Islamic brotherhood is also associated
with Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, Afghanistan has had an atmosphere of unrest for the past several years, and the joint
enemies of the two countries want to take advantage of this situation to fight Pakistan and Afghanistan.
But it will bring prosperity to the two countries and the current peace treaty will be a milestone in this
regard. Pakistan has always talked about peace and prosperity in the region and Pakistan understands
that the situation in the region is tenser now.

The people of both countries, and especially the people of Afghanistan, are backward when there is
peace in the region prosperity will come. Pakistan has made many sacrifices for sustainable peace in the
region and Pakistan wishes that peace be established in the neighboring Islamic country of Afghanistan
so that the people of the region will prosper.