People in Kashmir marks 29 years of Kunan Poshpura gang rapes


S. A Haidri,

Muzaffarabad: A rally was staged under the aegis of International Forum for Justice and Human Rights (IFJHR) on 29th anniversary of Kunan Poshpura here on Saturday.

Vice Chairman IFJHR Mushtaq-Ul-Islam,
Raja Abdur Raheem, Usman Ali Hashim, Madam Nosheen and Madam Munazza were among the leading participants of the rally.

People were chanting slogans against India besides demanding United Nations to conduct Plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir according to UN resolutions.

Large number of women and girls marched from Upper Chatter to Bank Square, they were holding banners and placards stated Anti-India slogans besides pictures of Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chairman IFJHR Mushtaq-Ul-Islam said that Indian armed forces are responsible for bloodshed in IOK.

He stated that Indian armed forces on the same day raped many girls in Kunan Poshpura, “Victims of this incident appealed in different courts of Indian but remained deprived of justice”, Mushtaq reiterated.

The eye witness of the incident Usman Ali Hashim while explaining the incident with wet eyes has said that he still remember that day as the worst day of his life, saying that Indian forces ordered all male civilians to come out of their houses and then they intruded in our houses.

He lamented, “we were unable to do anything as Indian armed forces were deliberately creating fear by force and no one was allowed to come into their own house.”

“We were helpless and everyone was crying and such kind of brutallities and gang rape incidents are question mark on international human rights organisations” Usman added.

Miss Munazza said that Indian atrocities in IOK are threat for the peace in the region, “World consciousness should not remain silent on such heinous crimes, we will continue to highlight the plight of our sisters living on the other side of Line of Control” she added.

People in the protest demanded International Court of Justice, Amnesty International, United Nations Human Rights Commission and all other human rights organisations to play their role on Kunan Poshpura incident.

Indian armed forces on 22nd February 1991 raided many houses in Kunan Poshpura of District Kupwara and raped more than 50 women on the same day.