RIBJA Challenges Fallacious Scrutiny of Journalists


Islamabad ;( Daily Parliament Times). A group of journalists active in twin cities Rawalpindi
Islamabad Bureaus Journalists Association (RIBJA) has shown stir reaction against the recent
scrutiny process of council members of Islamabad Press Club. The RIJA members have
decided to demonstrate before the scrutiny committee at Islamabad Press Club while tying
black ribbons on their arms as a protest. The RIJA condemns the recent scrutiny process that
spur by a few ill minded persons sitting in Islamabad Press Club. The RIJA considers this an
assault on the dignity of five hundreds hard working journalists and vowed that they will go to
the last end to protect the rights of their coworkers. The decision was made during the executive
and governing body meeting of RIJA that was held under the supervision of Sardar Shoukat
Mehmood president of RIJA. At the end of the meeting a statement was issued that RIJA will
oppose the scrutiny committee because its legal tenure has ended on December, 2019. The
statement further revealed that the scrutiny committee has no legitimacy anymore, so if it will
not stop its malicious ambitions of bantering committed journalists the RIJA will take legal
measures against the said committee.