Should Irfan Jutt who has won Kabbadi world cup too be made PM: Siraj ul Haq


LAHORE:      Amir Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj ul Haq while hammering Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said should Irfan Jutt who deserves for congratulations for winning kabbadi world cup too be made PM.

He said this while talking to media men here Thursday.

Announcing to launch movement against inflation and unemployment from February 20 he said nation is left with no other option except JI. Those who considered casting vote in favor of incumbent rulers as a righteous act are now considering them a scourge.
He stated that darlings who have made investment on government are being favored.

The nation has tried all the parties turn by turn. Now only one option is left with them which is JI.

Responding to a question he said government foreign and economic policies have failed. We will assemble all the nation from Chitral to Karachi against economic recession.

He remarked opposition has shaken hand with this government when time has come. JI is real opposition in the country. The sitting government has no solution to the problems facing the country. Protests will be staged in streets and Mohallas across the country, he announced.