Polio eradication drive successfully continues in AJK;

Altaf Hamid Rao.

Total 7.11 lakh children to be immunized,

MIRPUR (AJK):     Polio eradication drive successfully continued across Azad Jammu Kashmir the second successive day on Tuesday.

At least 7.11 lakh children of under 5 years of age would be administered the anti-polio vaccine during the campaign started on Monday, AJK State Health Department said on Tuesday.

In the State’s capital district of AJK, 1,24,249 children up to five year of age are targeted to be immunized the anti-polio vaccines and Vitamin A-drops and for this purpose 359 mobile teams had been constituted, while 58 fixed and 19 transit points had been set up by Polio Eradication Committee.

The state health department’s Polio Eradication wing have made adequate arrangement to execute the polio-eradication campaign in a befitting manner.

Parents are fully cooperating the mobile teams visiting door to door for administering anti-polio drops to the children. Besides the parents were also found in large number carrying their kids to get immunized the anti-polio vaccine drops at the special fixed centers as well as the transit points.

Highlighting the salient features of the anti polio campaign, the health department’s spokesperson said at the District Health Office here Tuesday over 2004 mobile para-medical staff teams had been constituted, whereas 397 fixed units and 124 transit points at prominent public places including buses and wagons stands were set up in all ten districts of Azad Jammu Kashmir including Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Hattiyan (Jhelum valley ), Neelam valley, Kotli, Bagh, Sudhanoti, Haveili, Bhimbher and Rawalakot to administer the anti-polio vaccine drops.

At least 63 zonal supervisors will look after the campaign conducted by 481 in charges of different areas in AJK.

The fixed centers have been set up at the hospitals, basic health units, rural health centers as well as various other spots to vaccinate the children with the anti-polio drops from 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m.

The total staff involved in the drive including mobile teams comprising over 4500 workers have moved to the field to visit door to door to immunize the children of and under 5 years of age during the campaign.

The AJK State Health Department spokesperson underlined that there had been no any case of polio disease to any child was detected in Azad Jammu & Kashmir during last 19 years.

In AJK’s densely-populated Mirpur district, a total of 68025 children under five years of age would be immunized the anti-polio vaccine during the 5-day national anti-polio drive being commenced in the district on Monday. The drive would continue till February 21 without any pause with the assistance of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

All adequate arrangements have been made for conducting the 5-day National Polio Eradication campaign in befitting manner.

The district has been divided into 25 zones with the induction of the one tehsil supervisor in each zone to implement the drive. One Ward In charge will supervise the campaign in the determined area falling in each of 47 Union Council in the district, the DHO Dr. Fida Hussain said.

The DHO said that a total of 228 mobile teams of male and female paramedics were constituted and 38 fixed centers had been set up in the district to immunize the children with the anti-polio vaccine.

Besides, the induction of 47 Supervisors at the Union Council level, 19 transit and 38 fixed points had also been established in various parts of Mirpur district to feed the traveling children with the anti-polio vaccine during the campaign.

He said that over four thousand vials of polio vaccine had been arranged for Mirpur district.

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