Modi brings his own destruction by introducing controversial citizenship law & imposing curfew in IoK: Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar

LAHOR:   Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Narendra Modi has brought about his own destruction by committed a blunder of introducing controversial citizenship law and imposing curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir. We do not want war but peace with India which cannot be possible without settling down Kashmir issue and if India wages a war, it will be the last war in the region. 220 million people are standing beside Pakistan Army and the nation is proud of its Armed Forces. Every Pakistani is ready to render his life in defense of the motherland. PTI has adopted a candid policy for elimination of corruption and good governance, and there will be no compromise on it. He expressed these views in meeting with Command and Staff College Quetta delegation comprising army officers from China, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arab, Iraq, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Sudan and other foreign countries here at Governor House.

Addressing the meeting, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar underscored the importance of training courses for improving professional skills and said that training programmes in consonant with needs of modern era enhance professional skills of the officers. It is foremost priority of present government to ensure provision of health, education, employment and other life amenities to the people at their doorstep. In this connection, a comprehensive programme ‘Ehsas’ has been launched to eradicate poverty. Under this initiative, poor, needy and helpless people are being provided with basic facilities. PTI took over the government in very difficult and complicated economic conditions, and after stabilizing the economy, the government is now focused on provision of relief to the masses, while all possible administrative measures are being put in order to control price-hike.

He said that Pakistan wants peace not only in the region but also in the entire world and there is no precedence of sacrifices in the world as much has been rendered by Pakistan for establishment of peace. Peace is the first priority of Pakistan even today. Whole nation salutes to army men defending frontiers of the country and it is stood by them. Besides Pakistan Armed Force and other security agencies, people of Pakistan have also rendered unprecedented sacrifices in the war against terrorism and restoration of peace. Alhamdullilah, today Pakistan commands world’s confidence which gave boost to foreign investment and promoted tourism, and Pakistan is now advancing successfully in the field of economy and stabilizing by all aspects. The agenda of anti-state elements, who destabilized Pakistan, will be foiled at all costs. Prime Minister Imran Khan has ensured complete freedom to all minorities living in Pakistan, while Kartarpur Corridor Project is the proof of Pakistan’s affection with minorities.

He said that Balochistan is the future of Pakistan, adding that strengthening and prosperity of Balochistan is indispensable if we have to strengthen Pakistan. It is need of the hour, Muslim Ummah must get united because when we will unite then Kashmir and Palestine issues can be settled down. Today, India is committing the world’s biggest terrorism and carnage in occupied Kashmir, and Prime Minister Imran Khan while becoming a real ambassador of Kashmiris is effectively presenting their cause (Kashmir issue) before the global community. In Sha Allah, Kashmir shall achieve freedom and destruction is the ultimate fate of India. Every Pakistan will defend frontiers of motherland till his last breathe and defeat the enemies of the country.

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