August 05 illegal steps a bid to erase identity of Kashmiris: Shah Mehmood Qureshi

ISLAMABAD:    Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said August 05, 2019 illegal steps by India were a bid to erase identity of Kashmiris.

“It is inevitable to understand that Indian August 05 , 2019 unilateral and illegal steps were not only a blatant violation of UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir and international law but also India committed the act of trampling its own constitution. It was in fact an attempt to efface the identity of Kashmiris and eliminate the concept of Kashmiris, he said this in a message issued on Kashmir solidarity day.

India was obsessed with the notion that it would succeed in injuring the spirit of Kashmiris for seeking their just rights by playing with the geographical integrity of Occupied Kashmir or will force them to compromise on their right to self determination, he said adding but it had to face worst failure in its evil designs.

He held the international community must do more to support the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in this time of trial and tribulation. Each additional second on the lockdown clock is a burden on the world’s collective conscience. The international community must act in support of the fundamental freedoms and basic human rights of Kashmiris and urge India to allow the UN Fact Finding Mission to occupied Kashmir to ascertain the reports of grave human rights violations there.

He demanded India should allow the UN military observers group for Pakistan and India to go to Indian held Kashmir to discharge their duties. If India does not want to conceal some thing then it should allow international media and civil society to visit Occupied Kashmir, he added.

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