Kashmir solidarity day


Written by :Tayyaba Asif

Since February 1920 Pakistan and Kashmiri have been serving the discontinuity. If we look back to the history of this day, it was at first initiated by Qazi Hussain Ahmad. Since then it is being observed at state level. This day commemorate our unity and support with the people of Indian held Kashmir. Kashmiris since 1947 has been under suppression despite of UNSC resolution of free and impartial plebiscite in region, Kashmiris are deprived of their inalienable right of self-determination. Countless Kashmiris have given the blood in the struggle of independence .This day of solidarity demands us to come out of verbosity and do something practical .Every year across the country we memo rate this day with true spirit of sympathy and support for Kashmir .But the question from 1920 to till 5 February 2020, what we have achieve from this commemoration. Every year we held one minute silence, speech competitions, processions and speeches full of verbosity, but is this enough? Well I am not against this symbolic unity but we have to do something more about to put our dream into reality. Therefore we should commemorate this day not verbally only, but with our actions too. It is a fact that all resolutions of UNSE upon Kashmir were passed under chapter 6, which are not enforceable UNSE would never ever pass any resolution under chapter 7 of charter against India so, so what we can do? Should we continue with only share verbosity, especially after revocation of article 370 and 35A the situation had been changed. In this scenario there is a dive need to reestablish out Kashmir policy .We have to bring Kashmir issue in limelight. We need better advocacy of cause. Both Pakistani and Kashmiri officials should put their full energies for diplomatic manoevveving of the issue .As Kashmir issue is decades old so we need to educate our new generations as well as to our diplomats. Because our efforts has been shifted from old to new stock holders .our diplomats abroad must be learn and should have amplified knowledge about historical facts of the issue. For this purpose government should have special cells. Beside this new growing generation should also be educated. So that they come to know about the facts . We have put our own house first, because in spite of focusing on struggle for self-determination we are entangle in useless fight, whether Kashmir should be an independent state, whether it should be annexed cccto Pakistan. These are not primary questions .The primary question is that how we can achieve our right of self-determination .So we have to stop these penetrations in our youth. Moreover we need formal as well as informal diplomacy. We need to further active participation from over Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora abroad. In this crucial juncture of history where nationalist sentiments are prevailing everywhere from USA to India , Israel and Britain .The US one advocate of Wilsons .Philosophy of democracy and advocate of George Washington’s slogans of freedom and slogans of equality of Martin Luther King is now been high jacked by mentally ill person. Why US are important here to mention? The answer is that US is strategic ally of India who support India openly and India is continually lobbing against genuine cause of freedom. So in this scenario we need to make world realize that Kashmir issue is not only bone of contention between two rivals but it is also threat to world peace. So to tackle this wave of nationalism which have engulfed India too we need to strengthen our country and we should make our youth realize that Pakistan is our last hope .We know recent example of Trump’s so called deal of century about occupied Palestinian land. This is alarming for us because Nathanio and Trump had made their evil alliance for greater Israel. Lesson for us here is that Mr. Modi is also copying Netanya’s footsteps by revocation of Kashmiri’s. Semi-autonomous status Modi has open way for Israel’s model of Gaza. Now by establishing Hindus in valley Modi will try to change Muslim majority into minority. If we do not open our eyes in time then after few years even our rhetoric of plebiscite would hit us back because of expected demographic change .Therefore, we need to diplomat evnevgency without any delay .Because traditional and obsolete effort would be desirous for us. It is never too late mend. Other vital is to propagate Kashmir struggle as pure indigenous. World has been changed after 9-11 .Post 9-11 world is for different from pre 9-11. India is continuously winking the world community. The main aim of India is to malign freedom struggle. India is continuously be fooling the world community by presenting freedom as an act of terrorism .India has successfully chanted before world about rhetoric .Therefore it is the need of the hour to present Kashmiri struggle as an indigenous movement .The need is to convince world that this struggle is alike the struggle of forefathers of USA, who liberated us from Britain occupation. If their forefathers were freedom fighters, if Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton and Washington were freedom fighters, then how Kashmiris can be turned as terrorists . We need to educate about the legitimacy of freedom struggle. If we really want 5th February as solidarity day, then we should never forget the sacrifices made by Kashmiris in the struggle. We should stand shoulder to shoulder with our armed forces, because these forces are the safeguard of our freedom of this region. Moreover we have to take intense care of our vulnerable population across the LOC. If we really want to commemorate this day then we have to make sure that we will move heaven to earth for this cause. On founding day of UN 24th October, it has highlighted its achievements last year but there was no name of Kashmir issue mention there. It is matter of great shame and regret , champions of human rights are still observing violation of rights but they are silent and this agenda is unfinished still . From 1947 till 5th February of 2020 Kashmiris are suffering. If we go on writing books, on the brutality , suppressive measures of India and Kashmiris situation volumes of books can be written but it is mentioned at international forums very briefly with a short content .Kashmiris are not alone in their struggling attempts . It is a fight not for a peace of land but it is a fight for livings of Muslims .It is a fight for rights, self determination which they have given by God . One can sell the land but not the people living on that land. Entire Pakistani nation has a pain in their hearts for them . Kashmiris and Pakistanis are like a body having one heart, one pang and one voice .When blood shedding occur in Kashmir we bleed here in Pakistan .Apparently we are free to live but half of our part is under suppression day and night, so spiritually we are injured because of their paining situation .We are giving Kashmiris political, moral and practical support but all vanished. We highlight this agenda internationally but all in vain because there is no serious observance of word’s power to this issue. So called democracy of India or their diplomacy should be exposed to the world. Not only Pakistanis but people internationally standing up with us, because they can see the pain from which Kashmiris are suffering . It needs the solution of the problem with justice. Bleeding Kashmiris are asking for you that we are suffering and feeling pain not from the wounds given by enemies but you are silence on the situation and this injustice killing us .Kashmir is now just the valley of bleeding either by heart or by soul or by body .Valley is red , precipitation of tears is occurring there. There are thousands of Muslim martyrs, widows and graves in Kashmir. Tug of war between two states continuously occur as Kashmir drains. From the very last year Kashmiris are suffering from curfew ,children are out of school ,universities are closed ,women are not allowed to come out freely because of fear of Indian armies .And the situation is very critical. There are no signs of life in Kashmir .Government decided to celebrate defense day on 6th September as a Kashmir solidarity day , to create a message, in the regard of suppress people of Kashmir . As our Prime minister Imran Khan visited and addressed the people of Kashmir on august 14. Many seminars organized regarding this. While celebrating Kashmir solidarity day two decades has been passed .unfortunately it is now becoming a national festival but in fact it is the day to observe our achievements regarding Kashmir issue that what we have gained .Pakistan has been suffering from political and economic crises from last decade. There was a time when president of Pakistan visited Muzaffarabad to address people to motivate them toward Kashmir issue .But now situation is not good regarding resolutions. But on this day people show their solidarity in many ways .As for as my perspective is concerned commemoration should not be limited to one day only. Now it is the time to come out to show the true image of Kashmir before world. Thousands of article has been written but there is no obvious action.