Pakistan will be hosting SAF games in 2021: DG PSB Amna Imran

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ISLAMABAD:     Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General (DG) Aamna Imran has said board will be hosting SAF games in 2021 ,therefore, one billion rupees are needed for decoration and upkeep of buildings.
In an exclusive talks with Online she said programs will be chalked out in collaboration with all sports federations to highlight Kashmir issue. We are making preparations for holding cycling, hockey, football games and marathon on this occasion.
She went on say that as several programs are arranged on February 05 , therefore, we are contacting administration and directives have been issued to Lahore and Karachi centres to hold programs with reference to Kashmir day so that a good message should go to the world.
She indicated minister for inter -provincial coordination Dr Fahmida Mirza has directed preparations should be made for 10-day program on the occasion of Women Day so that a good message should be sent to the world from Pakistan and world teams should come to Pakistan to play and Pakistani players could get a chance to play on their home ground.
It will promote tourism besides bringing improvement in national economy, she remarked.
Holding international events in Pakistan is must, she said adding we have contacted Pakistan embassies in world countries in this respect that they should persuade teams of different countries to come to Pakistan.
She stated Sports board is going to introduce its portal. Local players will also be introduced therein and a data will take a shape. It will promote tend for competition. We have program to develop our website. On Website Pakistani players clinch medals at international level. Their record will be available therein. This will encourage local players to move ahead. All the information in the perspective of ranking will be uploaded thereon. If some programs in terms of international level sports take place, it provides chance to those linked to it to improve their source of livelihood. Sponsors start coming in and funds are generated.

She said wrestling federation is going to organize international programs on its own in Lahore. NOC is issued by the government to foreign players and they can participate in the event after obtaining permission from us.
Investigations into the corruption at Sports Board are underway and cases are sub-judice, she pointed out.
We need immediate decoration arrangements for old buildings of sports board, she said adding Pakistan is going to sponsor SAF games in 2021, therefore we will be requiring Rs 1 billion for decoration and upkeep of swimming pools and other things.
We are going to Olympics in three disciplines, she said.

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