Had US accepted Pakistan plea it would not have fought war in Afghanistan for 29 years: Maleeha Lodhi

KARACHI:     Pakistan former ambassador to UN, Dr Maleeha Lodhi has said had US accepted Pakistan plea then it would not have fought war in Afghanistan for 29 years.

Talking to a private TV channel she said we had never been so close to peace accord in the prolonged war in Afghanistan as we are now . However it has yet to be agreed by both sides on the points that US wants to keep its forces how much in Afghanistan , Afghanistan will not be used in war against any one in future and matter of ceasefire.

She went on to say US and Afghanistan are key stakeholders and these two countries have to do what has to be done while Pakistan can help only.

Maleeha Lodhi said Pakistan past influences its relations with US. Our foreign policy should incorporate our people will too that what they want and for this purpose it is incumbent on our policy makers that they should listen to people voice.

She held every relationship thrives in a specific milieu and now the environment remains no more like the past.

She observed “ no country can go ahead alone. Taking alongside China and US simultaneously is difficult, therefore, problems will remain there on diplomatic front in future.

She noted “ if US and Talibans reach no agreement then all including Pakistan will suffer. But most probably solution to the problems will be found.

The former ambassador said key to Afghan issue lies in dialogue rather than war. Had US accepted Pakistan plea it would not have fought the longest war of the history.
Representing Pakistan in UN and raising voice on Kashmir is a special distinction; she said adding occurrence of UNSC meeting on Kashmir after 53 years reflects how difficult job it is.

She stressed Pakistan should step up campaign on Kashmir issue. The plea of permanent members of UNSC is accepted more and most of them are allies of India due to which problems for Pakistan increase.

To a question she said Pakistan talks of human rights and right to self-determination for Kashmiris but the world prefers to talk on human rights.

She stated every country tailors policies as per its own interests but public pressure is not rejected. Pakistan should move towards such direction due to which India withdraws its steps.

She was of the view that Modi has caused damage to Indian entity and Pakistan should capitalize on this situation. If India hurls threat daily then no one will take it seriously. Therefore, we should not worry over Indian threats.

Talking about US president offer for mediation on Kashmir issue, she said no one can do any thing unless India shows readiness. Trump Middle East plan is before all of us which has been rejected by all.

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