Mystery shrouds Tezgram inferno

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Lahore:    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pakistan Railway Dost Muhammad Laghari made a shocking statement by revealing that the Tezgram inferno occurred due to short circuit.
He said that fire erupted in 12 dining car due to over-heating of wire. Freight 12 got an illegal connection from freight 11. Initially plumes of smoke rose that culminated into fire engulfing freight no. 12.
Cylinder was ignited ensued to this fire. Tezgram incident claimed 76 lives injuring 48.
He maintained that he as a federal government inspector railway compiled railway inquiry report and 15 people including deputy DS and commercial officer were held responsible. Out of them, officers and other staff members stand suspended.
He went on to say that railway serves as an institution to connect all four provinces and there is no need to shut it down.
Joint efforts of officers and employees will bear the fruit resulting in a safe and sound journey for the passengers.
This year, number of railway trains would be increased as a result of which, colossal losses would be reduced to minimum.
For the first, revenue of Rs.5 billion was generated more than the expected target.
Tezgram met with a fire accident in Liaquatpur near district Rahim Yar Khan setting three freights on fire.
Yesterday, Chief Justice (CJ) Gulzar Ahmed got infuriated over Railway minister Sheikh Rashid during a case pertaining to losses of Railway.
He said 70 persons lost their lives at the helm of your affairs. “Why not to hold you accountable for them? You should have resigned after the incident”, said CJ

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