Sarwar says protests against Citizenship Act in India now turning into a revolution


LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that protest demonstrations against controversial Citizenship Act in India is now turning into a revolution, as the Gandhi’s grand-grandson Tushaar Gandhi along with Indian Muslims is also protesting against this black law. Narendra Modi government is following the agenda of extremism and ethnicity in India. Lock-downing of Muslims through 170 days of curfew in occupied Kashmir and human rights violations are unethical, unconstitutional and inhuman, and the world community should not keep mum over it but help stop Indian atrocities. He expressed these views while talking to a 13-member delegation of interfaith harmony, Punjab Women Development Department’s Vice Chairperson Farzana Rauf and others here at Governor House.

Governor Punjab said that India has become totally unsafe for minority communities because of Narendra Modi having ideology of RSS, and his government’s cruel policies. Narendra Modi is also targeting the Muslims through controversial Citizenship Act but in addition to millions of Indian Muslims, the Hindus and people belonging to other religions are also now raising voice against Narendra Modi and their protest is enraging with each passing day. Amendment in the controversial Citizenship Act is sheer violation of basic human right but unfortunately, United Nations Organization and any other international organization is not taking notice of it and their silence is also violation of human rights.

More problems will take place in the region if the world has not stopped the atrocious and anti-minority policies of Narendra Modi and India will solely be responsible for it. Governor Punjab emphasized that unity in Pakistan is need of the hour in view of the India’s aggression and war hysteria. “In Sha Allah, we under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan want to give the next generations a peaceful, economically strong and prosperous Pakistan for which effective measures are being put in order.