Police force to provide all the facilities provided to the Pakistan Army; says Abdullah Gul


Rawalpindi :   (Parliament Times)     Muhammad Abdullah Gul Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan and Kashmir (TJP) attended Seminar at Police Training College Lahore. Commandant DIG Ehsan Tufail and other officers warm welcome to him. In his address, Abdullah Gul said that it was time for the police force to provide all the facilities provided to the Pakistan Army. In this way not only the police department will play an active role, but the civilian duties of the Pakistan Army can be reduced significantly, which will allow the Pakistan Army to once again protect the borders. The quality of training of Police Training College Lahore has been a million times better than in the past. And the main reason for this is the tendency of educated youth to be recruited into the police. More than 700 policemen, including traffic police, lady police, Investigation officers and cadets attended the seminar. The seminar also attended by 5 M.Phil. cadets, 108 Masters, 260 Graduates and a large number of Intermediate Cadets. Lastly, DIG Ehsan Tufail, commandant of Police Training Lahore, in his address, said that police officers and personnel should live according to the Quran and Sunnah. After the address, there was a long flurry of questions and answers and the guest of honor was very much appreciated. The Shield was finally presented to the Guest.