Favoritism in awarding contracts wreak havoc on road infrastructure in AJK Poonch


              Lack of accountability causing losses of billions of rupees to national kitty,

Special Correspondent

RAWALAKOT, (Parliament Times ): Highways Authority in district Poonch Azad Jammu & Kashmir has given free hand to the contractors to loot government’s treasury by constructing defective roads and other infrastructures. According to reliable sources the XEN Poonch Sardar Imran Ali of same authority is seemed to be involved in the crores amount of grand embezzlement. Usage of substandard materials in roads construction and handing over tenders to favored contractors have been revealed. The sources further exposed that the contractors are given specific time frame by the XEN to save his face and point scoring disregard of checking the standard and quality of work and without frequent monitoring by the said authority. As a results many link roads have been flooded away due recent rains and a number of other have been cracked and are difficult to drive on .Moreover the sources revealed that XEN was addressed and informed upon the unsatisfactory conditions of roads construction through several written applications but no progress has been made yet. It is matter of high concern that government funds are being embezzled with such intensity and there is no follow up about the sanctioned amount and quality work.