ESE spokesperson denounces news regarding harassment of female teachers


MUZAFFARABAD:     (Parliament Times)   The spokesperson of Elementary and Secondary Education government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has denounced the rumor based news published in a local newspaper regarding the harassment of female teachers in exchange of offering with promotion and favorable transfer and appointment .The spokesman further said “It is a funeral to journalistic ethics to through mud on characters of persons and especially females without solid evidences”. A few days back the mentioned publisher circulated news that female teachers are brought to Islamabad for the mock of training workshop and then compromised for implicit means to promote and place them on choices where they wish to go. Moreover spokesperson clearly excluded that the authority has not been conducting such workshops out of AJK and if there are training workshops they are held at different nominated elementary and secondary training centers inside the state of AJK for both the genders separately following the religious cultural values of the area. Whether there is matter of merit and meritocracy all appointments and promotions are done on merit following the established Terms of Reference (TORs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). He further said that the services that are provided by female teachers in the field of education could not be underestimated, and the allegations that are made by the newspaper are baseless and depicts the ignorance and malicious desires of editor and corresponding reporter of the newspaper to defame the character and dignity of female teachers. The Elementary and Secondary Education department asked the editor-in- chief of the concerned newspaper to apologize otherwise the department will opt for legal actions against the newspaper.