Teachers unions voice protest against injustice meted out to educators


Rawalpindi:    Four major teachers unions have voiced strong protest against non regularization of educators from the date of joining the duty.

They have given a call for protest against District Education Officer Elementary (DEOE) Shahida Kausar.

Punjab Teachers Union Rawalpindi, Punjab Educators Association Rawalpindi, English Teachers association Rawalpindi, SCS Teachers association officeholders have decided in an emergency meeting that injustice has been done by the DEOE. In regularization process of educators.

The regular orders of SES and ESE issued reflect severe injustice done to the educators appointed in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Punjab Government ordered to regularize services of teachers who have completed 3 years contract period. The concerned officer made them regular from the same date. Earlier Teacher unions had repeatedly asked the said officer that the higher authority and unions should discuss this matter but the officer paid no heed and without the consent of any authority he regularized the teachers from December 2019 by interpreting regularization Act at his sweet will .Office holders of Teachers Union Qazi Imran, Malik Amjad Mehmood, Raja Shahid Mubarak, Rashid Abbasi have asked Higher authority secretary schools and CEO Education to deal with this matter. The leaders of Teachers claimed that they will raise their voice against this injustice at every fora. If their demands are not met they will stage a strong protest.