Pakistan is keeping close eye on situation: FM

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ISLAMABAD:      Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said the region can not afford any tension and Pakistan is keeping watchful eye on the matter.

“ Region cannot afford any tension. Pakistan is keeping watchful eye on the matter. Use of force should be avoided. We want stability in the region”, he said this in a statement here Wednesday.

He held “Iranian FM has said in his statement that they don’t intend to go for war. There is a majority of people in US who don’t want war. Pakistan is desirous for peace. The matters should be sorted out through dialogue. It is our endeavour tension does not escalate in the region. Security Council should play its role for bringing betterment in the matters.

He went on to say “ the region has and is paying heavy price. I have exchanged views with several foreign ministers. I had talked to FM of Qatar yesterday who had visited Tehran. FM of Qatar is keeping close eye on situation. I intend to make more contacts. Situation is becoming tense and there is need for exercising restraint.

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