EOBI Chairman Visits RCCI

Press Release,

Rawalpindi:    (Parliament Times)    Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) Chairman Azhar Hameed has said that the registration of employees and disbursement data is being made digital so that transparency is maintained. The online portal and direct registration will greatly improve the service delivery of the organization. He expressed these views while addressing the business community during his visit to the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) here on Wednesday.

Chairman Azhar Hameed said that no business center/organization would be harassed by the EOBI in the name of audit or registration of employees. Employer can send their complaint directly to them, which will take immediate action.

He informed that during the FY 2018-19,EOBI has disbursed pensions worth Rs33 Billion. The first ever ‘Pension Day’ ceremony was organised to recognize the contributions made by the private sector in ensuring Employees Old-Age benefits including pensions and grants paid to those working in the private sector, he added.

He said reforms were being made to improve the performance of the institute and ensure transparency. Another project is underway, in which employees will also be able to get discounts from different hospitals, utility stores, etc. He urged for better cooperation and assistance to work with their organization to resolve issues like monthly payment shortfall.

He said that the investment made by the EOBI in various sectors of the pension fund is quite safe and secure. President Chamber Saboor Malik in his remarks said that the recent rise in pensions was a welcome sign. Employee and employer data should be protected. There should also be concessions and incentives for employers too. The Chamber should be represented in the Advisory Board. Registration cards should be issued and dispatched immediately. The Chamber will play a vital role in the EOBI awareness drives. The government should realize the ground realities and ease the registration process and compliance. He also briefed the chairman on the ongoing activities of the chamber.

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