Pervez Musharraf challenges his conviction in high treason case


LAHORE:    Former president Pervez Musharraf has challenged in Lahore High Court (LHC) his conviction and punishment awarded by Special court in high treason case.

The petition filed by Pervez Musharraf consists of 86 pages. Advocate Siddique Azhar has filed the petition on behalf of Pervez Musharraf in LHC.

The petitioner has taken the plea the case pertaining to composition of special court is pending hearing in LHC. The special court has announced the decision in haste. Our religion , law and constitution do not allow humiliation of dead body. Transparent trial is right of every citizen as per constitution. I was kept deprived of transparent trial by the special court.

Former President Pervez Musharraf prayed the court para 66 be declared null and void besides issuing orders for stopping immediate implementation of court decision regarding his sentence.