Solar eclipse in Pakistan after 20 years


Islamabad:    solar eclipse has been seen in many cities of Pakistan.
According to media reports, solar eclipse started from morning 7:30 and continued till 01:06 while ring of fire was also seen in Saudi Arab, Bahrain , Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Sri Lanka, Samatara, Singapore and Philippines.
Solar eclipse was witnessed in Pakistan after 20 years while the last time this happened in 1999.
Metrological department called for precautionary measure and forbade the people to watch directly sun .
In Karachi the eclipse started at 07:35 and reached its peak at 08:37 and also solar eclipse was seen in Lahore, Peshawar and other cities.
In Islamabad the eclipse happened till 10:15, while it came to an end at 10:10 in Karachi and at 10:19 in Lahore.
Partial darkness happened in different cities due to solar eclipse while special prayers called Salatul al-Kasuf were offered in Karachi mosques.
Salatul al-Kasuf was also offered in Quetta, Islamabad and Rawalpindi mosques.