Provocations on LoC , a bid by Indian government to divert attention from its internal chaos: FM


Islamabad:    Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that provocations on Line of Control (LOC) by India is an attempt on its part to divert attention from India’s internal anarchy.

“India should not be mistaken, Pakistani army is fully prepared to defend Pakistan”, Qureshi Said.

Condemning the unprovoked firing on LOC Shah Mahmood Qureshi in his statement has said that provocations on LOC are attempt to divert attentions from India’s internal anarchy.

Indian peoples have rejected the extremist thinking of Modi Sarkar. World should take notice of the provocations by India indulged in war frenzy. .

Shah Mahmood Qureshi has paid tributes to both of Pak army martyred personals. He further said that we solute to the bravery and courage of Pak army.

Whole nation is proud of Pak army sacrifices. Pakistani nation is standing with Pak army for protection of beloved motherland .