Modi creating war-like situation to divert attention: Masood


ISLAMABAD:   (Parliament Times)     The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Pesident Sardar Masood Khan has vociferously condemned Indian firing at the Line of Control (LoC) by India in violation of ceasefire agreement, and targeting civilian population in different sectors of Azad Kashmir. “The unprovoked firing by India is an attempt of diverting the world’s attention from its internal situation,” he declared.

While expressing deep sense of sorrow and grief over the martyrdom of Naib Subedar Kandero and Sepoy Ehsan in Dewa sub- sector of Haji Pir Sector, the state president expressed sympathy with the bereaved families, and paid rich tributes to Pak Army officers and personnel for sacrificing their lives for the defense of the motherland and the protection of life and property of the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir.

Terming violation of ceasefire agreement and targeting civil population along the LoC by Indian forces as cowardice act, he said that uprising in the length and cranny of India against Modi regime following the passage of so-called Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), had bewildered Narendra Modi and his cronies.

“India is creating a war-like situation at the Line of Control to come out of the internal and external pressure, and to divert the world attention from internal uprising and the lockdown of occupied Kashmir,” he added.

The AJK president said that 2019 has proved the worst year for more than 500,000 people of 80,000 families of Azad Kashmir living along the LoC because 61 civilians have so far fallen victims to Indian barbarity. Besides, 257 innocent civilians were injured or disabled, while houses of hundreds of civilians were damaged either fully or partially,” he added.

Sardar Masood Khan said that four of the ten districts of Azad Kashmir including Neelum-Jhelum valley, Haveli, Poonch and Kotli were badly affected by Indian firing.

Welcoming the relief package announced by the federal government for the civilian population along the LoC, he termed it a timely step, and said that the allocation of 670 million rupees by the federal government for rehabilitation of 13,982 families will provide relief to the people affected at the LoC.

Sardar Masood said we have been stressing since long that after declaring occupied Kashmir as its colony, India has set to attack on Azad Kashmir as its next target. The AJK President urged international community, including United Nations to take strict notice of this naked Indian aggression.