Conviction of Pervez Musharraf in high treason case challenged in SC


ISLAMABAD:     Conviction of former President Pervez Musharraf in high treason case has been challenged in Supreme Court (SC).

Social worker Iqbal Kazmi has filed petition on this count making federation, ministry of law and interior respondents.

The petitioner took the plea dragging corpse and hanging it in public square is humiliation of human dead body . The decision hurt the dignity of court. Impression of clash between institutions is also spreading. The special court decision has created chaos and crisis like situation in the country. People are suffering from insecurity.

It is laid down in the context Special court has no powers to initiate proceedings under article 6 of the constitution.

The petitioner has prayed the SC to nullify the establishment of special court and declare it alien to constitution besides reviewing the jurisdiction of special court under law and constitution.

It is pertinent to mention here that special court had awarded death sentence in each allegation separately to Pervez Musharraf.
The 3-member bench wrote constitution of Pakistan does not confer any power on army chief to take unconstitutional step. Suspending the constitution for a moment is tantamount to throwing out . The constitution can not be suspended by imposing emergency.

Justice Waqar Ahmad head of the 3-member bench of special court wrote in the detailed decision that if Musharraf dies then his corpse be hanged in D-chowk for three days.