JISA Forum holds seminar to highlight Quaid-i-Azam’s role in freedom struggle


Rawalpindi: (Parliament Times)        A seminar was organized on “Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Freedom Struggle” by Jinnah Iqbal South Asian Forum in coordination with Jinnah Iqbal Education Campus Rawalpindi (23 Dec 2019) to celebrate Quaid Azam Day. Justice Ali Nawaz Chowhan, Chairman Human Rights Commission of Pakistan presided and spoke on Jinnah’s great achievement as a builder of Pakistan. On the occasion Prominent scholar Mushtaque Gurmani and Rana Abdul Baqi Chairman Forum also spoke on various aspects of Jinnah’s struggle to achieve Pakistan in the wake of great opposition by the Hindu Congress and the British Indian Government. Students of Jinnah Iqbal Girls and Boys Campus also presented National Anthem and National Songs on Quaid-i-Azam and Kashmir. Seminar was largely attended by Senior Citizens, Teachers and Students.

In his presidential address, Justice Ali Nawaz Chowhan said that Quaid-i-Azam achieved the creation of Pakistan by dint of his continuous struggle by translating the vision of Allama Muhammad Iqbal into reality that Indian Muslims are a nation, hence deserved a separate homeland in the areas where Muslims are in majority in the Indian sub-continent. Justice Chowhan said that education was the key note of Mr. Jinnah as he always commended Sir Syed Ahmad Khan for Muslim University Aligardh, besides encouraging Muslim Educational Institution in Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi also donating handsome amounts. He referred Prof Stanely Wolpert who wrote a book on Jinnah and declared him as the only world leader who mentioned that few individuals significantly alter the course of history; fewer still modify the map of the world, and hardly anyone can be credited with creating the nation state, Jinnah did all three.

A known scholar Mushtaque Gurmani paid tribute to Quaid-i-Azam for telling the world that Indian Muslims are a nation. He strongly pleaded concept of two nation theory before the British Indian Government and demanded a homeland from the Muslim nation. On many forums, Quaid-i-Azam convincingly presented the Ideology of Pakistan on the basis of Islamic way of life and achieved Pakistan in the commity of nations.

Rana Abdul Baqi, Chairman Jinnah Iqbal Forum while speaking on Jinnah’s vision on Kashmir mentioned that Quaid-i-Azam has declared Kashmir as the jugular vein for Pakistan as all the rivers flowing into Pakistan from Kashmir yielding crops were so important to Pakistan. He mentioned that the present BJP government led by Narendra Modi has not only lock down Kashmir vale committing grave human rights violations for the last more than four months but also violating the international agreement on the share of river waters resources by making dozens of Dams also diverting the water channels to India. Rana Abdul Baqi said that Quaid-i-Azam did issue orders to Gen Gracy, the then British Army Chief to enter Kashmir to fight Indian occupation forces but the British Officer refused to obey the order, subsequently, Pakistani Tribes entered Kashmir to save innocent Kashmiri Muslims form Dogra/RSS militants, resultantly, Azad Kashmir came into being. Meanwhile, the Muslim troops of Gilgit Baltistan revolted and got liberated Gilgit & Baltistan.