Struggle for right to self-determination to continue till success: DFP


SRINAGIR, Parliament Times): While voicing its serious concern over the fast deteriorating political and human rights situation in the Indian occupied Kashmir the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) during an extra-ordinary session here on Saturday expressed its unflinching resolve to steer the ongoing liberation struggle to its logical conclusion, despite all odds.

The meeting, held under the chairmanship of the party General Secretary Moulana Muhammad Abdullah Tari, was attended by the office bearers and the district presidents of the Party. The participants of the meeting reiterated the call for early settlement of Kashmir dispute on the basis of universally accepted principle of right to self-determination guaranteed to them by no less an authority than the United Nations.

Referring to dire human rights situation in the valley the participants regrettably noted that, “The besieged Kashmiris have been suffering badly from the unrelenting military lockdown since August 05. Entire political leadership is in jails. Normal life remains suspended and the means of communication, especially the ban on the internet, have plunged the occupied territory into a state of absolute crisis”. The meeting also condemned the illegal detention of the incarcerated party chairman Shabir Ahmed Shah and other liberation leaders who have been languishing in notorious Tihar jail for past two years.

Lamenting the international community’s deafening silence over the sufferings of Kashmiri people the participants said that it was quite unfortunate that the global community has been watching the terrible situation in Kashmir remorselessly. They said that world powers’ lopsided approach and criminal silence over the simmering situation was akin to legitimatize the Indian state-terrorism against the hapless Kashmiris in the held territory.

The JKDFP huddle hoped that the well wishers of humanity around the globe will work together and devote themselves for the good of suffering humanity in the occupied Kashmir. Referring to the messy situation that arose in Kashmir valley, after the events of August 5th 2019, the participants of the meeting said that the people of Kashmir have out rightly rejected the illegal and forcible annexation and division of the state. They said that Kashmiris who have offered matchless sacrifices during the past several decades will continue their struggle at all fronts unless they achieve their cherished goal of freedom from India’s illegal and forcible occupation. Terming the ongoing struggle against Indian imperialism as a legitimate indigenous movement they made it clear that the Kashmiri nation had started their freedom movement long before Indian and Pakistan came into existence in 1947.

Speaking on the occasion the DFP secretary General Moulana Muhammad Abdullah Tari while highlighting the political and historical dimensions of the ongoing struggle said, “Kashmiris have a glorious history of resistance and heroic tradition of resistance against the aggressors no matter how strong they were”. “The spirit of fighting against oppressors is in the Kashmiri peoples’ blood and this is the reason that they never accepted Indian dominance in the region” the DFP leader said adding that the ongoing struggle was in fact an extension of the historic movement that started way back in 1931. Reiterating Kashmiris’ pledge to take the ongoing struggle to its logical end he said, “It is our own struggle, we owe a debt of gratitude to those whose near and dear ones have laid down their lives for this noble cause”. “We shall continue our struggle no matter whether any country supports us or not”, Tari said.

The worsening political and human rights situation he said needs an urgent attention of the world body. Moulana Tari said that the global community irrespective of race, colour and religion should come forward in a big way and work in a missionary spirit to put an immediate end to human rights violations in Kashmir, lifting the siege and military lockdown that has badly affected the daily lives of millions of Kashmiris in the valley.

The DFP secretary general also appealed the world body urging it to discharge its legal and moral obligations to help Kashmiri people march forward struggling against occupation forces and in achieving the universally accepted right, the right to self-determination.

The meeting through a separate resolution thanked the government of Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia and china for raising voice in support of besieged Kashmiris at international level.

The meeting also expressed grave concern over the persecution of Muslims in India. Terming BJP government’s Hindu supremacist ideology as a threat to regional peace the participants said that religious minority in India have been at the receiving end of Hinduvata exclusivism. They said that the persecution and humiliation of Muslim community at the hands of RSS goons continue despite the fact that they had chosen to stay back in India after the partition.