Plea seeking disqualification of PM on blasphemy charges dismissed

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Islamabad:    Islamabad High Court (IHC) has declared the plea non-maintainable seeking disqualification of Prime Minister Imran Khan upon the basis of blasphemy.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah has dismissed the plea of Saleem Ullah Khan Advocate seeking disqualification of PM Imran Khan upon blasphemy after declaring it non-maintainable.
A two-page written judgment has been issued in this regard by the High Court.

It has been said in the judgment that when facts are clear then an unintentional mistake cannot be considered as blasphemy in any gathering.

Judge in the judgment wrote that faith and trust is a personal matter of every person and others should not raise question over this.
Always utmost care is must while leveling allegation of blasphemy.

It has been said in the judgment that Islamic teachings could not be gauged through court proceeding according to Article 62 (1) (e).
Too much care is needed while declaring someone elected representative eligible or disqualified.
It has been said further in the decision that petitioner raised question upon the faith and belief of PM Imran Khan but it is an admitted fact that PM has taken oath and he has complete belief upon Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the last Prophet of Allah (SBW).

Court had reserved the judgment upon plea seeking disqualification of PM Imran on the basis of blasphemy a day earlier.
Petitioner Saleem Ullah had appeared before the court and took the plea that Imran Khan whom high court pardons today commits blasphemy too.

He said that Imran Khan attributes such things to Holy Quran that are not present in The Holy Book.

Upon it court remarked that you should wait for judgment.
Petitioner said doing wait for judgment means rejection of petition .
Court while expressing annoyance over the attitude of petitioner observed, “You are a lawyer and should keep in view the respect of court”.

Upon it Counsel while waving handcuffs in the court room said “ get me arrested in contempt of court.
Judge remarked, you have brought the matter in the court and court will issue order over it.

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